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Athens: Angry Protesters Set German Flag Alight (video)

Angry protesters set a German flag on fire outside the Greek Parliament. They also attempted to burn another flag with a Swastika. Riot police intervened and fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowd that was trying to come dangerously close to the Greek Parliament building.

A group of workers and pensioners and young ones tried to occupy the stairs of the parliament and the area of Unknown Soldier monument right in front of it. Riot police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd and clashed with the demonstrators. Unconfirmed reports speak of injured protesters.

 Protesters chanted slogans like “Resign! Resign!”, “No Cuts, No Lay-Offs!”, “Let’s us enter the Parliament and show what democracy is!”.

Public and private sector unions ADEDY and GSEE had called for a 24-strike and mass protests outside the Parliament today at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens.

Protests are taking place in other cities as well.

In Iraklio, Crete, protesters hurled stones against banks and broke some windows of the Justice building. (newsit)

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  1. They only tried. I’ll go down.To chakomaki ene kalitero 🙂

  2. Wow..Even too stupid to burn a flag. No wonder, nothing works in your country. Lovely greetings from Germany

  3. I always applaud the burning of flags with swastikas. Anything else is just plain stupid. But it might be THE picture of Greece going around the world tonight… Great! Phone stopped ringing months ago, so it can’t get any worse… I hope. 🙁

    • keeptalkinggreece

      well…such pictures and videos make the rounds anyway. Just to wake up people fallen asleep in front of tv. inevitable.

  4. Why burn a German flag? The cause of this problem is people stealing from the Greek state, corruption (diverting tax-payers money into private pockets), and tax avoidance. Why should Germany and other countries fund corruption that Greece has to tackle?

    Greece cannot and should not be allowed to collapse, but it needs to stop the corruption. The rich Greeks are stealing from the poor Greeks, but everyone is asking Europe to pay for it.

  5. Greece can count on Germany and France… Yes, when Greece is in the mood for shopping and expend hundreds of million euros in armament.
    Enough of cynicism and hypocrisy! To you germans: pay the war reparation to Greece and Raus!

    • >> Yes, when Greece is in the mood for shopping
      >> and expend hundreds of million euros in armament.

      Seems like the greek way: Buying arms and let their people starve!
      What a shame! -And please, don’t forget to buy ammunition for the leopard 2 tanks the next time. lol

      >> To you germans: pay the war reparation to Greece
      are you a comedian?

  6. It still has me in awe that the politicians in greeks have not , at least as a sign of solidarity if not leadership, subjected their salaries to the same crew-cuts that the greek people have had to endure!

    The fish smells from the head if they are to eliminate the systemic corruption that exists at all levels of society …the greeks will need a complete catharsis of the govt….otherwise they deserve the politicians they get.

    • that’s what Greeks hope for. A catharsis comes always at the end of a drama otherwise the Greek tragedy in 5 acts is not complete.

      • Nice dream. Greece has lost many friends in Europe and even Greeks in Germany are ashamed of their own people and goverment. So go on, call the German People nazi, buy tanks and submarines, but look for yourselfes.

  7. In Greek there are also stupid people like in every other country. It gives greeks which say: “Yes, that was good, its ok to burn a german flag” and it also gives Germans who say: “Stupid Greeks, first they take our money and then they burn our flag”

    But u have to understand that both examples of humans, are stupid humans. If they would be smart, they would have burned a EU Flag 😉

    Remember: Its never about the Folk, doessnt matter which country, its ever just about politicians!

  8. Sure, thats why there are so many Goldman Sachs People as Frontmens in the EU, because its about Germany. Really good thinking of you, applous. U need to learn a lot lot more about the world. Germany never gets a peace contract from the allies, since 1945. So, who do think we are controlled from when there is still no peace contract for Germany? Right, Allies. They lay down the rules in backrooms, not Germany.

  9. Wrong! Greece has many friends who support them in any way, and Greeks who live in Germany are ashamed of living in Germany.

  10. Somewhere in China, the owner of a flag producing company is smiling all the way to the bank!

    Folks, imho there’s more pleasurable pastimes than burning flags, but it’s your sparse money, after all. Still, you should take care to support your country by igniting domestic products. Burn, uh, buy Greek!