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Athens: More than 140 Injuries, 23 Detentions

At least 37 civilians and 6 policemen have been taken to hospitals with the ambulance due to breathing problems caused by the extensive use of tear gas. There are reports that also many civilians  sought medical aid by themselves due to breathing problems and fainting symptoms.

The extensive use of tear gas and the arson at shops and banks have created an extraordinarily unpleasant atmosphere in downtown Athens.

Video: Fires

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In ANT1 TV, a fireman said that also some firemen have been hit by the rioters.

ANT1 TV reported that there are more than 100 injured policemen, two of them seriously wounded. The policemen were most probably injured during clashes with rioters.

Police has detained 22 people.

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  1. its ok because the MP are watching the football game. so they are not seeing these scenes and their sensibilities will not be affected. they can still go and make speeches and say “let them eat cake” from the comfort of their cushy pays and bonuses. KTG how bad do you think things will get?, as bad as december 08? worse?

  2. if i were in the polices place i would make sure all officers did not carry guns tonight. because if one of them panics and does somehting stupid it will mean the end.

  3. Good question, Vassilis. And so hard to predict. It looks bad now. But there is nobody dead. Somehow the anger in 2008 felt much ‘sharper’. And I wanted to say that even here in Sparti we had burning bins and a demo to the police station. Not now, so it will not be…
    But now I read on KTG that offices of politcians around the country have been ransacked… So I don’t know.
    It looks bad now, but all depends if there is a momentum big enough to start all over tomorrow, like it did in 2008.

  4. i thinki in 2008 there was a clear enemy for the rioters and demonstrators. the police had killed someone therefore the police was the enemy. now the enemy is unclear. yes it is the politicians and yes the police are violent but i think a lot fo the people are angry at themselves too cos they know they are to blame too for letting the system become so corrupt. if we have voted more responsibly been better citizens then we would not have had those useless people in power. so im guessing there is a lot of misdirected anger out there and its not focused like it was in 08. but in time with the new measures fueling more recession, i think the anger will become focused.

    • Agree total. About “but in time with the new measures fueling more recession, i think the anger will become focused.” I agree too, but that’s a much more harder thing to predict.
      But first looking at the days ahead: I have been scanning foreign news sites and what I read was what we saw… Burning buildings in Athens, lots of wounded. That was the tendency and will be tomorrow at breakfast for a lot of people abroad. And now I now I will be in deep s***, because customers were already staying away from Greece…