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Live-Stream: Athens Mass Protest Against Austerity, Febr 12/2012

Thousands of Greek shave flocked outside the Greek Parliament, while members of the parliament are due to cast their votes pro or contra the new loan agreement and austerity package bill at midnight.

Live Streaming directly from Syntagma Square

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  1. Now I’m not quiet anymore!

    This will go to hell, but I hope it becomes a “free” hell.

    Now I wonder what they are actually debating about?

    What kind of paper MoU is written on! Or something else very important!

    This is only pseudo-democracy! For people to think they “work”. A spectacle for the masses.

    No one seems to care of what the people on the outside think and feel, or have in their opinion. The document MoU is already done and written. You just have to vote on it.

    A simple Yes or No.

    I vote No, over here … or you’ll be inslaved for lifetime.

    KTG, continue with your good work …

  2. Once again the hoodies do the job for the police of scaring off the public. In ten minutes the police in cooperation with the hoodies are able to terrify and scare off tens of thousands of normal citizens. When will the public say “Enough!” and just refuse to be scared away like a bunch of cowardly slaves. People should STAY and resist, not allow this little play-show to go on between the police and paramilitary hoodies.

  3. Only thousands? We need hundreds of thousands to make a statement.

  4. hoodies did the job of the police?
    well, i don’t know which stream you were watching …