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German BOSCH-Manager Wants Greece Out of EU and the EURO

A German manager wants to see Greece out of the European Union and the Euro zone. Greeks might want to see German products out of Greece. German manager might lose his job for failing to meet sales targets. German manager will blame Greeks for losing his job. Solutions needed here…

 The head of the automotive supplier Robert Bosch, Franz Fehrenbach, has called for an exclusion of Greece from the EU and the euro area. Greece was “dilapidated and in a mutually supportive community an unbearable burden,” Fehrenbach said the Hamburg “Manager Magazin”, according to an interview published on Tuesday in advance. If Greece, the EU and the euro do not want to leave voluntarily, the community must change its laws to the exclusion of the fighting against the country bankrupt country.

The EU should facilitate the Greeks to the exit with structural support, said the Chairman of the Board of Robert Bosch GmbH, Greece had to seek a “state with phantom pensioners and rich non-taxpayers” and “a state without a functioning administration” in the EU is nothing, “said the Bosch CEO.

Fehrenbach said that a common currency can only work with a common fiscal, budgetary and economic policy. This economically weaker countries should initially be left out.

“We are a two-speed Europe is not around,” he said. Fehrenbach left open, which countries should be part of a core community. It was however clear that Germany should not be overtaxed… (and so on and so on) —

This has been translated from German into English via automatic google translation. Sorry if some sentences make no sense. The whole interview makes little sense anyway lol

For the original in German check HERE

Anyone knows if this BOSCH has anything to do with washing machines and other home appliances?

PS My German cleaning lady wants Greece to stay in euro. She claims, she doesn’t want to get paid in Drachmas. Odd.

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  1. Hi,

    yes that is the very same BOSCH as the one from the washing machines and the tools. A pity to have to boycot them as there is no other viable supplier for tools, others being more expensive or much less useful. But with such an idiot as CEO? I really do think greek should want to leave the euro zone just as much as any other country, really. We should get out of the euro altogether and quick. We’ll be able to ditch all debts in the process and might also get some companies like BOSCH into the hands of the workers. But as I fear that won’t happen (too few people are organised so the german industry will crush us), we definitely need international solidarity.

    Be sure that there are quite some germans who are full of hate – but not hate against greek people, but against the bosses!

    • really? I have to get rid of my washing machine and dishwasher. There is good competition though. I once got a Spanish refridgerator , in Germany. Still solid after 20 years. totally unknown then 🙂

  2. A KTG’s reader (Klaus) just told me :”Fehrenbach is not just any manager. He is the champion of solid real economy over financial markets. It’s still unbelievable that he said so, because his voice carries much more weight than Ackermann’s [Deutsche Bank].

  3. Here is some explanation about who is Franz Fehrenbach and comment from Klaus-Kastner Blog.

    “Wow! This will trigger some discussion in Germany!
    (and elsewhere)

    Robert-Bosch-Group is one of Germany’s most prominent multinationals. It is a symbol for the real economy (as opposed to the shadow economy of financial markets). When the Chairman of the RBG talks publicly in Germany, it is like Warren Buffett talking publicly in the US.

    Manager-Magazin will publish an interview with Franz Fehrenbach, CEO of RBG, on February 17. Excerpts have been made public today.

    Mr. Fehrenbach calls on Greece to leave the EU and the Eurozone. He calls the Greek system “rotten” and describes Greece as an unbearable burden for a solidarity union. If necessary, the EU should expel Greece from the EU.

    I see two possibilities: either Manager-Magazin will be pressured not to publish this interview or, if not, this interview will cause shock waves in Germany, if not in other countries as well. “

    • I don’t understand why this would cause shockwaves in Germany as it seems to be the opinion of a majority of people there? And I can’t say that the government is totally clear in his/her public commitment to Greece’s continued membership either.

      • oh, there is a difference if that’s the opinion of baker or of a powerful manager who cna influence politics.

    • Opinions are like ,,,holes, everybody seems to have one!
      Esp. when it gets on Greece! Guess, more and more they realize that they forgot about the elections…

      He isn’t “asking Greece to leave” instead he tries to order the EU to kick her out! And if the EU can’t expell her they must change the EU laws therefore, blablablub
      Sorry, I’ve got no time to translate it yet, just wait for Spiegel/Tagesspiegel/FTD/FR in English
      Can he proof “Phantom-Pensioners”? Where are they? In Koridallos?

      • there are indeed ‘phantom-pensioners’ or ‘fake disable’ who get thousands from public money (pensions, soclia benefits). But it’s cheap demagogue and populism to use it as argument. I wonder if he wants to start a political carrer.

        • As long as i don’t see a trial i’ll believe the money never came out of office or is still somewhere.

  4. My list of boycotted items from germany is getting very long. Now because of this guy I have to find another company for the parts when ever I have to fix our cars. And to think the germans want to know why there is so much anti-german sentiment here. DUH? Here is a Buffett video.

  5. Looks like decisions have been already made and unfortunately we’re sinking. we’ve seen only the tip of the iceberg, the worse is yet to come. Boycots and protests don’t mean much anymore, maybe a new political party. anyway NOW is the chance for a radical political change. We have alot to catch-up with. now the shit has hit the fun and it’s messy. some self-reflection too. Of course what is now happening is very brutal but looking at things from an objective point of view if this the effect, then, what was the cause?

    shit happens