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(UPD) Germans Protest Outside German Embassy in Athens

 An artists’ group from Hamburg protested outside the diplomatic representation of their country against the attitude of the German government towards Greece. The protest-performance took place on Friday morning outside the German embassy at noble district of Athens Kolonaki. Tension with police rose when a woman protester threw an egg at the embassy building. The egg-throwing was part of the … artistic performance. The woman was detained by the police. Members of the left-wing party SYRIZA and the president of the Greek Journalists’ Union (ESHEA) who were also present at the protest event tried to prevent the detention but they did not succeed.

“The Merkels and he Schaeubles won’t tell us when people of Greece will vote” – “Should’t you pay first your debts from the nazi times, a*******?” (more pictures in Protesters were wearing suits to mock the Troika representatives. Police detainted 7 Germans and one Greek who were later relased. The German embassy had requested their detention.

According to Proto Thema, there was a second detention of a protester, while unconfirmed information claim that six members of the group were taken into police headquarters. According to a statement by left-wing Synaspismos youth section, “SYRIZA MP Panagiotis Lafazanis and ESHEA president Dimitris Trimis were harassed by the police.”

Synaspismos is the main political party forming the SYRIZA coalition of the moderate left.

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  1. Looks like they re-imported tragicomedy back to Athens.

  2. Patriots heat with Antigerman wood:

  3. greece will soon be like albania.