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“Indignant” Greek Motorcyclists to Protest On Feb 22/12

“Indignant” Greek motorcyclists will launch a demonstration outside the Greek Parliament to protest the bill that contains fast-track cuts in wages and pensions. A bill that will be voted at the Parliament on Wednesday. In a sharp statement the motorcyclists criticize the MPs who are assigned to receive pensions after two legislative terms.

Pension-contributions paid by those who worked for decades are now being cut by members of the parliament who get pension rights after two legislation terms. Wages are cut by those high-rank officials who never leave their chairs and have never worked in their lives.

While they do so, they impose their policies with police batons and tear gas, behind the closed windows of the parliament that gives them ‘asylum’ thinking that we have forgotten what they’ve done in the past.” (

Motorcyclists will meet at Karaiskaki Sq and start their motor-protest towards Syntagma Sq at 5.30 pm.

Motorcyclists have started to join the Indignant Greeks protests in May 2011.

At 4 pm public and private sector and municipality unions, ADEDY, GSEE and POE-OTA, will launch an anti-bill protest outside the Parliament.


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  1. Ok. Who will demanstrate next? Motocyclists without pension?