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Ioannina Parade: Animal Farmers Clash with Police, High-School Students…

The parade in Ioannina was full of suspense: Animal farmers clashed with riot police and high-school students turned their heads away the politicians attending the celebrations to mark 99 years after the city’s liberation from the Turkish occupation. Some students even hailed the politicians with a typical Greek gesture – the moutza.


The mayor of the city sharply criticized the students’ disrespectful behaviour saying that it insults the history and the new generation.


Right before th start of the parade, animal farmer approached the area and started distributing milk free of charge to the students and soldiers who were waiting to participate. However, riot police squads pushed them away. The animal farmers of North-Western Greece have been protesting against the income losses they have suffered in recent months.

Their original plan was to take part at the parade with their …tractors.

It was the first time that the President Karolos Papoulias did not attend the parade. Papoulias was born in Ioannina.

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