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Greek Citizen Appeals to ICC Against Greece’s Political Leadership for “Genocide”

A Greek citizen, Christina Salemi, resident of Chalkida, appeals to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of the Hague and sues President Kaloros Papoulias, current PM Lucas Papademos, former PM George Papandreou and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos for genocide of the Greek people. In her letter, Salemi accuses Greece’s political leadership of genocide and crimes against the Greeks, that were committed after October 5th, 2009. She writes:

Dear Sir/ Madam
I inform you, that this time, as we speak, serious crimes are committed in Greece and only you can stop them, as they concern crimes against humanity and attempted genocide of an entire race, and there is no judicial authority in Greece able to investigate them . I am speaking about Genocide by killing members of the population, by causing serious bodily or/and mental harm, by deliberately inflicting on the conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole (or in part), by imposing measures intended to prevent births and by forcibly transferring children. And I am speaking about crimes against humanity because during the last 2 years :
– there were a lot of inhumane acts against the population, causing great suffering, serious injury to body and to mental and physical health
– there were intentional inflictions of conditions of life, inter alia the deprivation of access to food and medicine, calculated to bring about the destruction of part of a population,
– there were intentional inflictions of severe pain or suffering, whether physical and mental,
– there were intentional severe deprivations of fundamental rights contrary to international law by reason of the identity of the collectivity
– we have lost the right of full ownership over our bodies and we can easy become victims of human organ trafficking (Enslavement)
– there were coercive acts to transfer of persons from the area in which they was lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law .
And all these acts were committed by the political and state leadership of Greece as a part of a widespread and systematic attack directed against the population, with knowledge of the attack.
So I recorded the most important , in my opinion, criminal acts and their consequences which I believe that demonstrate completely the validity of the above allegations . Since my English is not very good and the situation we face is very serious and requires urgent action, in order to save time, I send you via e-mail now the notification – most of it written in Greek and a small part in English, with sufficient evidence, much of which is in English, so that, even with an automatic translation of text combined with English texts, that you can be able to understand enough so that you can start your investigation. As soon as possible, I will do my best to send you the whole text and the related evidence shown in English. In a couple of days, I will also send you some more evidence, via e-mail and via post mail I have already sent you 14 DVDs . Thank you.
Sincerely and always at your disposal , Christina Salemi
I am a Greek citizen, residing in Chalkida (Paralia Avlidas), my ID card number is Σ 839854 and my email address is [email protected]

List of attachments : 1. ICC Notification 2. Salemi vs Papandreou 20.06.2011 criminal complaint- denunciation 3. Salemi, Mylona supplementary facts to the criminal complaint- denunciation 4. Salemi , Mylona vs Parliament no 2 (11/05/2011) second complaint

It is also interesting to read the evidence attacjed to the complaint STATEMENT OF FACTS here

Will it bring anything? It doesn’t matter. Important is that Greek citizens do something….

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  1. It’s surprising that you haven’t seen the appeal that was FIRST done quite a few months ago by the first ever Greek, Olga Yeritsidou

    Read it here.

  2. Greek austerity measures could violate human rights, UN expert says

  3. Much as I support he right of anyone to speak out against things they believe to be wrong I cannot believe that claiming genocide will result in nothing but derision. Actual genocide is taking place in Syria as I write, it has been going on in many African countries for many years and was the holocaust of the second world war. In recent years the “powers that be” will always find some reason to ignore it. I find that comparing the admittedly difficult times ahead for the people of Greece with the actual physical atrocities committed against the people of Africa and the victims of the holocaust insulting to their memories. Just what is it that she hopes to achieve, and where does this section come from –

    “- we have lost the right of full ownership over our bodies and we can easy become victims of human organ trafficking (Enslavement)”

    These are such weak, childish arguments and will be dismissed as such. If complaint is to be made, then at least put forward strong, reasoned points. This, similar to the piece about the Greek police issuing warrants for the arrest of European politicians, belittles the country and makes it the laughing stock of Europe.

    • Robert, you mast read the full text if you want to understand my reasons to speak about genocide in accordance with the Rome Statute always . And I am also speaking about crimes against humanity not only genocide Finally, you are right . Not only in greece serious crimes are committed, but I am greek, and Ι have legitimate interest to speak to the prosecutor only about crimes committed in greece. This is the rule . Sorry for my english and thank you very much for you time and for your comment. Christina

  4. Finally Greek citizen doing something? How about the Greeks starting to pay their taxes so that they can provide social security and medicine for their poor?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      answering this comment…. is not worth even the typing effort!

      • Indeed, what a stupid idea. Greeks paying their taxes? Not worth mentioning.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          there is a misunderstanding here, my insistent friend: it was your prejudiced comment that was not worth commenting. You have no idea abou tthe realities here and you seem to be victim of the media of your own (Finnish?) country.

          • I get my Greek realities from this site as well as some Greek media publishing news in English. The message is pretty clear: Greeks want someone else to pay their bills. Primary the misled Finns, along with Germans and Dutch, probably equally misled as well.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            so you read in this blog that Greeks do not pay their taxes…. #me-total-failure

          • It’s cheer for no taxes on this blog (

            and boo for no benefits (

            This equation of yours does not add up. That’s the #total-failure here.

            To get balance the equation you have to get financing from someone else and the only ones willing to give any financing for Greeks at the moment are the misled Finnish, German and Dutch bastards.

            When the Greeks don’t fund their own mess sufficiently through taxes or loans, there’s no other way than cut spending on the mess. Appealing to ICC doesn’t help you at all.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            that a worldwide internet problem: readers can understand a post under their very own point of view. Yes, we oppose the emergency property tax as it was imposed because the state proved unable to collect the regular property taxes. So in 2012, we have to pay 2nd istallment of 2011, and 2 installment of 2012, plus the regualr taxes of 2009 and 2010. maybe of 2011 too. Sheer impossible to find all this money as wages have decreased by 30-40%, even in the private sector.
            And of course, we boo the lowered unemployement benefits. If I work for 40 years and was never unemployed, my 40-years contributions finance those without job.
            If the state and the insurance funds mismanaged workers’ contributions and now they cut to a minimum the benefits to fix a budget whole of 350 million euro, while pensioners of state-run enterprises still get pensions of 3,000 euro per month. Their average retirement age is 50. Is this fair?

            You have to know the complexity of the situation here to make fair judgements…

        • Well my friend I guess I just wasted 300 Euro’s on my mother in law. I sent her the money to pay her taxes, what do you think she is buying ouzo with the money? She lives on a 500 euro pension and the money I send her.

        • Are you totally ignorant or what? GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT!Are you a humanitarian or a barbarian? Jesus how can someone be so ignorant and indifferent?Do you belong to this world or another? Can you not see what is happenning woldwide?The exploitation of human rights and whole countries.Grt real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Θερμή παράκληση : Όποιος μπορεί να με βοηθήσει με τις μεταφράσεις, ας επικοινωνήσει μαζί μου. Χριστίνα Σαλεμή, simelas [@]

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Translation in which language?

      • english

        • keeptalkinggreece

          excuse me, you need help to translate from Greek into English what kind of texts?

          • xristina salemi

            Αρχικά πρέπει να μεταφράσω ολόκληρη την καταγγελία και μετά αν γίνεται, και κάποια αποδεικτικά στοιχεία όπως η μήνυση κατά του ΓΑΠ , λίγα δημοσιεύματα που δεν βρήκα στα αγγλικά , τέτοια πράγματα …

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I can post your request here. I assume the translations must be free of charge.

  6. xristina salemi

    Σας είμαι ευγνώμων για τη πρόταση και ναι, δωρεάν αν μπορεί κάποιος να βοηθήσει . Δεν έχω δυνατότητα πληρωμής … ΔΥΣΤΥΧΩΣ !

  7. keeptalkinggreece

    Eleni, I forwarded it to Xristina.