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UK Ad Provokes: “Germans Own a Second Property – It’s called Greece”

Do I miss the point here? Is it conservative British humour? Or just a malicious provocation against Greece? The conservative magazine “Spectator” chose a weird way for an Ad commercial. “Most Germans own a second property: it’s called Greece” claims the commercial that decorates space at UK’s public trains.

The picture was posted at reddit and has some nice comments as some users got really angry.

The magazine belongs to David and Frederick Barclay who also won the Daily Telegraph.


 PS I remember last year there was another provocative UK Ad at the London Metro.

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  1. Hi, yes, it’s both, provocative and conservative British ‘humour’. Spectator readers would vote for a monkey if it wore a blue suit and a Tory rosette – in fact they probably have a fair few times.
    I’d like to say don’t pay any attention but unfortunately these selfsame Spectator readers are the ones with all the money and therefore power as things stand. We keep hoping they will die out but evidently not fast enough. Personally I’d rather be in Greece totally skint than at a smart address next door to those types. So sorry for the offence caused by my compatriots.

    • Oops, I should have read your comment before posting my comment, BritExpat! Here’s hoping you don’t feel insulted by my admittedly badly humored words. Of course, I’m well aware there’s lots of pro-european Brits who are all for keeping friendly relations with their neighbors. It’s only that the Tory crowd is so noisy that they often sound like they’re a vast majority. Again, pls excuse my very onesided remarks!

    • At the same time if a donkey had a red rosette (Labour) pinned to its tail people would vote for it……The elite of both Labour and Tory are no different, one lot, Labour, socialists, the lot in now tory/lib-dems, also socialists, all feeding off the public teat, be they rich or not. A Labour government always, but always leaves the country on its knees, the same as it did in 2010, they can’t help themselves, Chris Bryant Lab MP, left a note, no money left, that’s the trouble with socialists, they always run out of other people’s money, this will be the same, borrowing money to give to India in foreign aid, it’s madness. But as much as I don’t like/trust the so-called tory prime minister we have now, and he’s definitely no conservative, I dislike socialist politicans even more, their pet projects & agendas have cost the taxpayer, of all stripes, dearly.——–I agree the wealthy tories are obnoxious, but then so are Labour ones, and yes, the advert is in bad taste, but personally I won’t apologise for idiots, especially when almost everyone hates the English, even the Scots & Welsh, who receive lots of English taxpayers money, but their dislike of the English don’t stop them taking their money. Greeks should just treat the ad with the contempt it deserves.

      • The curse of the conservative strikes once more! I’d sooner live in a country run by Labour or the Lib Dems, parties that put ALL of Britain’s inhabitants first, rather than the top 10%, than live in a country run by the Tories.

        To Gray, Germany: Believe me, the Germans are some of the friendliest people I have ever met, I can only apologise for the ad on behalf of the British.

  2. Nothing new. The bloody limies simply love to smear the “Huns” and the Eurozone. It’s just bad luck that this year the Greek crisis happened to give them ammunition for this. You folks shouldn’t take this personally, im quite sure the intent isn’t to ridicule you but rather to make us Germans look bad.

    Well, we’re accustomed to that. Still, it would be nice if we managed somehow to kick those anti-European folks and their rainy island out of the EU. They should become the 51st state of the US instead, that would make more sense.

    • Good idea, except Obama’s turning them socialist.

    • What’s this, a bash the English, thread! Blame the English, for everything, everyone else does.—- Gray, your wish of kicking us limeys out would go down a treat in England, we’d like nothing better than to be out from under the yoke of an unelected, bureaucratic, undemocratic, malicious entity that is the EU. So please have a word with Merkel, see if you can persuade her to kick us out, waiting for our EU loving PM to do something is like waiting for the red sea to part, he won’t, probably against EU edicts, give us a referendum on the it….. And for what it’s worth the English are not trying to make Germans look bad, you have wonder woman Merkel to thank for that. This English woman has no bad thoughts towards ordinary Germans, but Merkel, what I think of her KTG would delete. Hope this clears up the so-called anti-German sentiment. BTW: you say, kick those anti-European folks and their rainy island out of the EU (please, please) I think you’re just trying to make us look bad 🙂

      • British and proud have u ever thought that you are responsible for distribusion of heroin in Europe. Have u read ur history and how u got rich? Have u heard about the Opium war 1 and 2 between England and China? The convicts u sent to colonize Australia. The point is that u got power and money from wars and taking advantage of others. What are u exporting ? I will tell u less than 100 aston martin’s, the powerfull stock market in London and the hundred thousand international students. Now there will be no more students after the university fees had rised more than 30%. Greece has got sunny weather with tempratures up to 30 degrees from May to Octomber when our Islands welcome Tourist from all around the world. Some of them travelling to Greece to experience the Ancient civilazasion of ours and others to relax. Even if we are not in Europe or bankrupt we will always have the nice weather islands and great Monuments everyone want to visit once in a lifetime. So please do not be sarcastic and play diplomatic tricks with Germans we know who u are.

  3. Lol @ Gray!! Know what you mean about ‘noisy Tory crowd’.. to be honest when I went to UK last year having been away quite some time I was astonished to find there were mostly quite nice people there all getting along with one another fine and Moaning and Wingeing had not actually replaced Footie as the national sport. Except in the Daily Mail.

    • If you were back living here BritExpat, without a doubt you’d be moaning & whinging, it’s almost a national sport now, the only trouble is for all the whinging & whining the voters, come election time, out they go and vote the same ones back in they’d been moaning and whinging about for so long, so then the moaning starts all over again, ’til the next election. I think the public get collective amnesia come election time. 🙂

  4. … it would be nice if we managed somehow to kick those anti-European folks and their rainy island out of the EU. …

    Oooo, yes please, can’t wait! No doubt with your great big clumping Jackboots on.

    That’s British humour for you and I’m quite certain the ad was not taking the p*ss out of Greece, far from it, but out of Germany because of it’s very aggressive behaviour towards Greece and anyone else who doesn’t do as they are TOLD to.

    • Nothing against British humor, but their tabloids ain’t funny! They always mention the war.

  5. “Germans owe a second property: it’s called Greek loan, granted to them during the German occupation.”

  6. While Greece goes through the worst crisis in her LONG history- though, of course not the first one- there are those who find ways to make huge amounts money or even worse,have fun with it. But they forget, or choose to forget that Greece is not a faceless item. It comes with people who suffer, who have suffered a lot. Jobeless,homeless people. And now prideless? We are no protectorat. I can starve, I can starve my kids, I can face a war, but I am still proud to be Greek. And even if I live abroad, if need be, I will still be Greek.

    I have German friends, who feel ashamed of what their

  7. The ad , unfortunately, reflects reality!
    And this is not all Germans expect to get- there’s more to come, in the way of cheap land, solar energy, profitable public companies sold at a mere fraction of the price…

    ””Germany earned 380 million euros ($502.83 million) in interest on the loans it paid to Greece under the first bailout for the debt-strapped country, according to Finance Ministry documents obtained by Reuters.

    Berlin’s contribution to the 2010 rescue package for Greece amounted to 15.17 billion euros, on which the Greek government paid interest ranging between 3.423 and 4.528 percent.

    As of the end of 2011, Germany had earned 380 million euros on the loans. News of the windfall may help quell some of the mounting public frustration at having to help struggling Greece, portrayed by some in Germany as a “bottomless pit”.”” ( Reuters)”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      and hear! hear! we posted this German earning in a post at the same time you posted your comment lol

    • That’s nonsense. We had to borrow that money ourselves, at about 2%. Also, the numbers simply don’t add up, 380 million, at 3.4% (or 4.5%) on 15.6 billions? Doesn’t compute. Journalists aren’t good at math, apparently.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        the data comes from Schaeuble’s ministry and published by Reuters… the interest rate is not fixed.

      • Almost every nation in the EU is in debt to the banks, but still they have to pay billions for membership of the EU, for the unelected elites to stay in the luxury they’ve become accustomed to, and politicans willingly give taxpayers money because they also profit and many end up with a job with the EU. Does anyone know if Greece, still has to pay for membership! Brussels is a place for failed, useless & greedy ex-pols. Britain, has to borrow to pay the 50 million a DAY to the EU, and Merkel, and her cohorts are not satisfied with that, they want more. Your beloved EU Gray, is a monster, they don’t care a jot if the people of Europe end up in the gutter as long as their dream of a Federal State of Europe is realised. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, The EU fiddles, literally, while Europe starves. I bet you guessed that I hate the EU with a passion, didn’t you. 🙂

  8. I wish the owners of Spectator could read this.
    Maybe we can return you a piece of your great sense of humor…

    Every Greek has a second child in England!
    it may be called David or it may be called Frederick!
    if you dont believe me, ask your mothers!

  9. hahahahaha this is nice to see,this is pay back Greece for the unfair behaviour to words Albania, may you all Greeks go to hell

    • My dear UnitedAlbania!!!! i’m not a racist but i wanna say a few words to you!!!! DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEED YOU!!! You owe to Greece big time WE have given you money, WE have given you future, Your Country has NO future without us around to help you!!!! LOOK at your sittuation and leave us alone!!!! so i return the wish If we go to hell we will already find you in there!!!

    • Greek father of an Albanian bitch

      Hey, Albanian son, do you your mother still remember me? Hahahahaha!!

      • Good to see that you Greek folks are so much more reasonable, relaxed and tolerant than us Germans when it comes to discussions with borrowers!
        Sorry, but that’s really funny. Oh, the irony…

  10. Don’t take it badly. We used to have an ad on the Underground (Metro)for Spitfire beer ” downed all over the south of England, just like the Luftwaffe “

  11. Hey Albanian, do not forget that your barbaric country has zero contribution in civilisation. Do not forget that the southern part of your country is in fact greek since the begining of history. Do not forget that your flag is the war flag of the Hellenic “Byzantine” empire. And do not forget that we will get all back what is ours in 10-12 years. So it has been written. So it shall be done.

  12. KTG, i think you should step in when the natives get a bit unruly. Nothing is gained by Albys or Greekies fighting I’m sorry.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I would have if there was more Gr-Alb fighitng here. But I thought the first comment deserved an answer.

    • Right, Ag.Kap, but I can’t help it, I find it refreshing that for once there’s a fingerpointing competition without us Germans involved!
      Want some popcorn?

  13. I hear you, but this person’s comment was a “troll” comment. Obviously, it’s your site and accept my apology for messing in your business, but I would think best to just delete these types of comments.

    But, since you posted it, I will add my two cents. Many Greeks may not know, but many Albanians feel discriminated against. I have several friends who are Albanians and some of the nastiest things you would ever hear are said to these people by Greeks who you would think would NEVER say such things to another human being.

    So, it could be a matter of defensive comment. When you kick a dog over and over, it will bite.

    Do a survey and ask your circle of friends their thoughts on Albanians and you will hear I imagine how horrible they are. This is typical Racism that occurs in all countries, including the USA. In the USA, many Americans say the same things about Mexicans, but I think good people like myself (and you) should evolve to a better place where we respect all peoples regardless of race, ethnicity etc.

    The next time you see an immigrant in the street in Athens, why not give them a smile (as I do) instead of a contemptous look like many Greeks do.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I quite know how Greeks feel towards Albanian and vice versa. Thousands of Albanians came to Greece to in the 1990’s to seek work when the ‘pyramid system’ collapsed and many people lost all their savings. The Greek state opened the country’s gates to them. Therefore I let this comment, to show how big stupidity and prejudice can be.

  14. Re. Brits, Germans, Albanians etc, you’ve all got the answer to the “blame game” wrong.

    The villains are the French. They insisted on the euro as the price of agreement to German reunification. You need very little ecomonic knowledge to know that today’s problems are the 100% certtain outcome. With the traditional devaluation-to-competitiveness mechamism removed the weaker countries become depressed areas permanently in transfer payments welfare. The euro was always a political concept aimed at forcing full centralised EU political union [That’s the way French political-administrative thinking works]. The welfare comes with strings, so now Greece has its Brussels appointed provincial governor.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      in crisis times, old prejudice revives….

      • So, we said at the start the euro would be a disaster. You now have a disaster. Saying so, and pointing to ecomonic and historical facts, is “prejudice”.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          no. that was ‘forecast’. my ‘prejudice’ was referring to the first part of your comments (Germans, Greeks, Albanians, French, Brits).

    • Well, ok, certainly the French once again enthusiastically pushed for an idea that was ahead of its time. That so typical for them, they’ve always been fans of avantgarde solutions – remember the Concorde, the Minitel network (already very popular before the internet became public!) and the La Defense quarter in Paris. And I can’t really blame them, Chancellor Kohl should have put up more resistance, but desastrously failed. Anyway, we’re stuck with the Euro now, and catfights won’t help us to solve the crisis. Damn, can’t we rather blame the Americans instead? They started this whole mess with their crazy speculations!

      • “Damn, can’t we rather blame the Americans instead? ”

        This was the line that our previous Prime Minister took. [Gordon Brown, who was FM before he was PM] His famous line was “it all started in America”. Correctly IMO, he was ridiculed over it. Yes, the US institutions have behaved- and been allowed to behave – with massive irresponsibility, they are very powerful, and finance is global, yada, yada.

        But ultimately the relevent minister and the national regulators are responsible for overseeing banks, pension funds etc., that are domiciled within their jurisdictions. They cannot deny these responsibilities when it emerges that local banks have exposed themselves to catastrophic risks.

        Plus, the US are not to blame for European goverments issuing unsustainable levels of debt.

        • Goldman Sachs

          • Indeed, no arguement from me there. Except that they were ultimately the enablers, it was Greek politicos who chose to go down that route.

            For me, this is the root of our problems. We are all being very careless about whom we elect to govern us, and we are not demanding enough on them when they are in office. Greece is an extreme case of this, but to some extent it applies throughout Europe. If we want democracy to work – and there is no better alternative – we have to be a lot harder on our political class – they have gotten out of control.

  15. KTG, when you say “My People” lost all their savings on the pyramid scheme, do you mean you are Albanian? Wow! I had always assumed you were Greek. If this is not the case, my apologies for assuming. I’ve met many Albanians from Northern Pirate who were just as Greek as any.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      hahaha. it was the austerity form of ‘many’. with 50% haircut it became ‘my’!

      • You had a 50% haircut, ktg? Well, ok, short hair can look very stylish, too…
        And you’ll save half of that expensive hairspray! Kudos for your financial responsibility.

  16. Yeah, i figured it, but couldn’t resist a little playful nudge 🙂

  17. i just saw the photo on facebook. I’m a Greek and i don’t think that this is a black english humor..i call it stubid humor..All the media works only for making the people of the two countries hate each other..Shame on you…Maybe we should make a new on..No Marples of Parthenon(stolen from the english) No Olympic Flame. How about that??

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there seems to be a kind of movement about No Olympic flame.

      • iaourti iaourtaki

        Cool would be also to have a retro version/original Olympic games without any translation mistakes by some Renaissance clowns, means: Allow doping.

  18. It is sad to be reading comments of simple citizens, who actually have nothing to do with the stupidity of their rulers/politicians throughout the centuries, which actually just inflict hatred between nations giving to all rulers exactly what they need… Divide and conquer! But maybe that’s exactly the point. Stupidity stands strong because all people finally support it! Congratulations to you all! You are serving their game!

  19. I think you all took the bait.You argue about bank,politians and big companies rights.Look beyond and do not stare the tree but look the forest.Germans,French,Albanians etc argue who is good or not?What deserves to each other?Wake up this is a crisis made many years before just about money.Germany made money from Greek crisis.Tv and newspapers in Germany says that Greek are responsible for their salaries that are less.As newspapers where saying 12 years before that Turkey is very bad.You shouldnt go there because they are bad.They kill,they rape,they steal.They where saying go to Greece.That time Turkey was under imf control.Germany made money also from Turkey.The question is who’s next.Because if you ask Argentians,Turkish and Greek simple people they have no respnsibility.They didnt get billions of euros.People of Europe should stay united.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      This comment implies, that the anti-(something) propaganda is done by …tour operators?

  20. I think that after reading all of this, I’ve decided that everyone should believe in something.

    So, I believe I’ll have another beer now.

  21. For those who don’t know about it or chose to forget it, here’s an interesting piece of history about Germany’s defaults: t,1518,769703,00.html

  22. To the British, Germans and who else promotes that:
    You guys forget that Germans killed millions of people in the past and tried to conquer other countries by force. Are you out of your mind and you try to promote what? We live in 2012 and such thoughts belong to the Medieval. If you know anything about History you should be ashamed.
    We know that our geographical position is the center of the world and every country wants us, but you know what? Keep dreaming… We have 366 sunny days (because we don’t eat burgers we live more) a year and we are smiling 24hours a day because we are not depressed (as you wished for).

  23. In Greece we have an expression said : θα γυρισει και ο τροχος, θα πηδηξει και ο φτωχος, which means that we might be currently in a bad position but in the near future you might be in our position, so never say never and it is better to keep your words.

    ps: i have heard for some money that Germany owns to Greece….is this just a rumor?

  24. There is an excuse for all those French, for all those Germans, for all those Brits and for all those who have fun with the crisis in Greece :

    They are either ignorant of History or short in their memory :


  25. Well, I’m Greek and i would like to apologize for all the kinds of stupid things I’ve read concerning the situation with Albania.REALLY PEOPLE? i mean the situation is getting worse and worse for us,most people in my age have to immigrate in order to earn a living and have a future without swallowing their pride and you are still talking about albanians with such contempt,it’s really a shame.We Greeks may have a huge immigration problem which resulted from bad politics and the lack of political skills from the idiots that we idiots vote to rule us,but WE ARE NOT racist people.I actually enjoy seeing my fellow greeks who liked being masters of albanian people ,contempting them,having to sell now their bmws and realising that other europeans think of us as the bottom of the pit.Now to all our fellow european citizens who enjoy to dislike us so much calling us lazy i propose that they’d come here for a year work their as@@s of, IF they can get a job and live the new “greek myth”.we are a generation without a are talking about a country here, with people suffering and loosing their some compassion or at least get informed before crucifying us.and let’s not forget that Greece may have been through the two world wars,guess who we were up against during the second,who never paid us off,but we still can overcome a financial and social crisis without starting a war.