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Zakynthos: Rain of Eggs and Yogurt Against the Mayor (video)

That was a very loud and stormy meeting at the City Council of Zakynthos.  The fact that mayor Stelios Bozikis had used aero-photographs for the calculation of property areas  turned the meeting into a battlefield. On the agenda of the meeting was a discussion about this issue and an attempt to find a solution. The residents got angry claiming that measurement and demanded municipality fees were much to high than in reality. Further they claimed that due to ‘inflated’ measurement they had to pay very high emergency property tax. The city council hall was full of people, while many residents had gathered outside to hear the decision.

However the meeting that lasted three hours did not end with any result as eggs, yogurt and coffee were been hurled against the major in regular intervals.

Video: Eggs….

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The mayor claimed that “certain local interests” were behind the attacks and denounced that certain local businessmen were trying to hide thousands of square meters of land or property in their declarations just to pay less municipality fees.

Needless to say that the meeting turned also in a protest against the emergency property tax…

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  1. I wondered where my breakfast went.

    • If you can’t see it as a yellowy-green puddle in front of you, that’s a good sign, xiotie!

  2. Violence seems to be the only thing that is settling these things these days. And it might look funny, but it is the last step before bullets will fly.
    And again an official who does not seem to dare calling the names of who he think are manipulating this. Who are these “certain local interests” these “certain local businessmen”? If he knows them he should name them. Because if he is right then citizens are, in their understandable grievances against the emergency property tax, being used by exactly those who have pillaged Greece.
    But that seems to be the rule in history. And we all know that we never learn.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      he might told the names, but I didn’t get it. BTW between eggs and bullets, there are fists lol

      • Fists, acid in faces. It’s all been done already. Nothing original anymore. Where is the creativity gone… Must be the effect of austerity… 🙁

  3. Seems this is what it is all about.
    In fact it is suggested that Zakynthos is not an exception, but that it is the way it is all over Greece.