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PASOK: Papandreou Goes, Venizelos Comes

Sunday’s elections in socialist PASOK will mark the end of an era: former PM George Papandreou will hand the leadership of the party to finance minister Evangelos Venizelos. PASOK members and ‘friends’/supporters are invited to vote for the new leader. As there is no other candidate, the voters will have two choice: to cast a vote paper with Venizelos name on it, or a blank vote.

PASOK members and friends will pay a fee of €2 to vote and another €4 as entrance fee.  Venizelos can call himself lucky if he receives the votes of 100,000.

After two years with two loan agreements and strict austerity suffocating the average citizens, PASOK saw former top party officials to either join Democratic Left or form their own parties.

The party that was supposed to be socialist turned to neo-liberal for the shake of ‘saving the country’.

Venizelos’ slogan is “We start”.

Simple-minded critics may shiver hearing this slogan.

“I am fully aware of the situation,” Venizelos said one day before the Sunday elections and added “there are two words I use addressing the Greek people: thank you and apologies. I want [the vote] to be the start of a new relationship of trust.”

Venizelos is expected to resign either on Sunday evening after the party elections or on Monday. In Venizelos wikipedia page it is already ( Mar 17) written, that he held the office of Finance Minister from 17 June 2011 until 19 March 2011, and that he assumed office of PASOK leader on 18 March 2012.

George Papandreou will remain in history as the PM that took the country to the claws of IMF thus without real bargain and negotiations. Venizelos will have to wait for quite some time to become PM. However target-oriented Venizelos manages indeed to climb on the PASOK throne without even the need to challenge Papandreou as he did in 2007. Something that was pre-mature back then.

After the legislative elections of 2007, in which PASOK was soundly defeated, Venizelos announced his candidacy for the leadershipof the party. In the leadership election, held on 11 November 2007, Venizelos was defeated by incumbent party leader George Papandreou, receiving 38.18% of the vote against 55.91% for Papandreou.

The times, they are a’ changing…

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  1. Venizelos’ slogan is “We start”. Sounds like obama’s 2008 slogan “obama for change” which wound up being taking every last cent(change)from the pockets.

  2. Venizelos’ hard work now paid off.

    Party boss.

    Who had lost?

  3. Well we had George Papandreou and his election call ‘Time for change’ and my goodness things did indeed change and not for the better.
    Now the call is ‘We start’
    whats that stand for – We start again…..We start to repay…..We start to ‘To change’……We start at a disadvantage…..
    Empty slogans… about some decent proposals and how about PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS as a starter