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Survey: 1:4 Greeks Would Hurl Eggs anf Yogurt Against Politicians

 Uncertainty and fear for the future, continuous hikes and taxes, unemployment and  wage cuts, arm the citizens’ hands who are ready to ‘explode’ against the politicians at the first opportunity. Reactions such as attacks with eggs and yogurt, and even the use of force against the politicians are considered by many as “effective practices”.

The citizens’ frustration and anger boils and this is reflected in a survey-research conducted by the Panteion University in cooperation with universities in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

The researchers emphasize that the crisis makes extremely vulnerable those at the two ends of the economic spectrum: the very poor and the very rich – the latter because they fear to come “from the top down to the bottom, and from the many to the few.”

The survey data are “sensational” in terms that former peaceful citizens are willing to react and express their anger towards the politicians.

The majority of respondents upholds the purchase of Greek products only in order to stimulate the economy, the participation in demonstrations against austerity measures and the refusal to pay new taxes.

30.4% of respondents consider as “effective” attacks with eggs and yogurt against politicians.

 21.2% believe that the use of force against politicians is “action”.

 17.1% said “yes” to arson politicians’ cars,  14.6%  said “yes” to attacks against the forces of repression, 7.9% said “yes” to explosive devices and 6.2% said “yes” to the destruction of public property.

26.8% said they would hurl eggs and yogurt against politicians,  while  16.1% admits that it would beat politicians if they had the chance.

 12.5% ​​said that they would put fire to cars of MPs and ministers,  while 12.6% would have no qualms about attacking police. 5% said, they would place some device, and 5.1% said they would be  involved in potentially damage public property.

67.7% of the respondents declared that they adopt passive stance with negative emotions (humiliation, fear, guilt, anxiety, frustration, sadness, frustration, feelings of helplessness), while 25.7% do not adopt such stance.

 Solidarity, trust, optimism, fighting spirit – i.e. “positive emotions with active participation” according to researchers, – get a 35.6%  positive responses, and a 47.2%  negative responses.

source: news portal NewsBomb.gr

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  1. But the same majority of Greeks want to stay in the Euro zone.

    Wake up people. Can’t have it both ways.

    • Sadly, it seems too many Greeks simply don’t care if a slogan or an idea is realistical as long as it appeals to them emotionally or ideologically. Demagogues have it easy there. Add the 17.1% who are basically terrorists to those who prefer wishful thinking over reason and it shows that the country is almost ungovernable.

      Ekathimerini has a good column up that sums up much of what is wrong with Greek political culture:
      Hits the nail, imho. Lack of responsibility, opposition that doesn’t offer any alternatives, people waiting for someone else to pull the chestnuts out of the fire while criticizing every single action. This mindset has to change for Greece to become a successful democracy, but this will probably take decades. It’s almost a miracle that there still has been some small progress recently under those conditions.

      • iaourti iaourtaki

        May be you should ride a day through the city to see and feel that cars are terrorists and not carkillers.
        It’s nearly 15 years ago that the decadent 1st world overpopulation brought to the world the first genocide by gasing the planet – Hurricane Mitch – and still it’s allowed to drive cars, planes, ships…
        Terrorists? What about Merkel cooking 142 people? Where is the Picasso for Kundus?

  2. I am surprised that greek citizens would consider the wasting of valuable foodstuffs like eggs and yoghurt on their politicians. Given the current levels of deprivation they are experiencing, perhaps mud pies would be a more practical option?