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Merkel Would Visit Greece, if it wasn’t for the BILD Newspaper…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel  would love to visit Greece, but apparently she has fallen victim of the exaggerated reports about anti-German sentiment. During a meeting with the president of private sector unions umbrella GSEE, Yiannis Panagopoulos, in Berlin, Merkel said “We have different opinions on the policies that should be applied, however I have no problem to problem to come to Athens and listen to the trade unions views. But can I can?” Panagopoulos gave her a clear picture of what would happen if the “iron lady” of EU would visit Greece. “There would be protests, but things are not as the BILD newspaper describes them.”

Scared, but willing….

And that’s true. Apart from one incident of protesters setting a German flag on fire, the “anti-German” sentiment limits itself in cartoons and placards during demonstrations. Not to forget mentioning that Greeks are currently more busy their their own politicians than with Merkel.

Yiannis Panagopoulos, head of the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE),  meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday. Panagopoulos travelled to Berlin after an invitation of German trade union federation DGB. Panagopoulos explained to Merkel the ineffectiveness of austerity measures and the recession that has pushed 30% of Greece’s population to live below the poverty line.

Also trade unions from Portugal and Spain participated in the meeting. The European South drew a grim picture of the societies in the countries  applying EU strict austerity programme.

BTW: I have to ask Germans living in Greece whether they feel unsecure living here due to the anti-German sentiment. KTG would appreciate responses.


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  1. “exaggerated reports about anti-German sentiment.”
    Oh, come on, ktg! What about that recent poll that showed that 79% (if I remember that correctly) of Greeks hold negative views of Germans? And what about that poll whichh showed that more than 7% of Greeks, a shockingly high number, support violent terrorism, and even more endorse the usage of firebombs as a form of political protest? And what about a certain comment here recently, that you deleted?

    Let’s be serious and honest: Greece is a more dangerous region for Germans now than all other EU nations. No doubt about that.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      O come on, epxressing certain views on polls and internet or media does not mean that people would indeed do something in reality. If you remember well, the poll about violence was about Greek politicians. Everybody in Greece remembers the strong anti-American sentiment in the 80’s and 90’s. Everytime a US-president would visit Greece, the ‘whole world” would take to the streets and protest but no president was ever harmed.
      I think I will ask KTG-readers living in Greece whether they feel insecure here 🙂

    • iaourti iaourtaki

      First try Greece, then Berlin subway, some villages known for their racism in Brandenburg or Saxon, suburbs in France or some gang-land in the UK. Or try it in Naples…

      • Indeed, Naples is another area that ALL tourists should avoid. That old saying makes some sense: “See Naples and die.” Ok, most only will be robbed of their possessions. But why go there at all? If folks want to see garbage, they could simply visit the next landfill site at home…

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I believe Goethe had excitement in mind rather than being robbed.

          • I’m certain the thugs in Naples weren’t interested in all the papers about his theory of colors and stuff…

  2. As an American living in Greece, I feel safe, but wouldn’t push my luck to hangout in Ag. Pantelemonous of Athens during one of the times they are chasing immigrants down the street (as seen in one of KTG’s former video articles)

    Or at least I’d let them know I was an American so they should know the correct reason they would be attacking me, as I’m not a financial migrant, just a Colo-Americano (LOL)

    But, it is refreshing at least to know that as long as the Greeks are busy getting angry at the Germans, we Americans get a pass lately on our foreign policy in the Greek press. Remarkably, it seems the Greeks like Obama and I’ll keep voting for Obama to keep our Greek friends happy.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      LOL to your (LOL). Glad to see you promote Greek-American friendship through your voting 🙂