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Athens Parades: Minor Tension Between Teachers/Riot Police (videos, pcts)

The students’ parade concluded in an atmosphere of strong discontent about the unprecedented draconian security measures that did not allow parents to watch their children paying a homage to the heroes of Greek Revolution of 1821. The sudents marched in front of Education Minister in an “sterile” environment as spectators were banned for security reasons.

Under strong police surveillance the students of 26 public and private schools in Athens marched in front of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier outside the Greek Parliament.

Students’ parade (news247)

Some students turned their heads on the opposite direction of the VIP tribune, in a protest move to the situation in the education system and the austerity measures.

Education Minister Yiorgos Mpampiniotis, an academic, has been only recently for this post and therefore has had no time to do or not do something that would trigger the students’ protest.

Protecting Politicans from troublemakers? (picture via Twitter)

Some 300 meters away form the major event, tensions arose between teachers and riot police, when the first opened anti-government banners and tried to walk towards the parliament.

Video: Riot police pushing away teachers & journalists

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However it was not only a group of teachers that protested the government.

Residents of Vyronas suburb opened banners and chanted anti-government slogans and protested the emergency property tax.

 Education Minister Mpampiniotis and Athens Mayor Kaminis refrained from commenting on the strong security measures, despite the journalists’ questions. ” I saw a peaceful parade” Kaminis said characteristically.

27 people have been detained.

Στην ταράτσα της Βουλής και των γύρω κτιρίων ακροβολισμένοι ελεύθεροι σκοπευτές ελέγχουν κάθε κίνηση

Silent watcher at Parliament roof (newsit) 

Today’s school parade was considered as a ‘crash test’ for the police, ahead the military parade that will take place tomorrow Sunday with the presence of the political and military leadership of the country.

More pictures and videos: news247 , newsit, zougla

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