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Ferry Boat Tickets: 6% Hikes as of April 1, 2012

Talking about promoting tourism and being competitive… Passengers are due to pay 6% more for ferry  boats tickets and car transportation as of 1. April 2012. For a family of four that travels with car, that’s 20 euro more, considering that the kids will have reduced fares.

According to news portal News It, 2 adults, 2 children and one average car pay 338 euro to travel from Piraeus to Paros island, 355 euro from to travel to Iraklio, Crete without cabin, and 517 euro to travel to Rhodes. The prices are two ways travel, economy class.

Amid deep recession and economic crisis, Greece is the wonderland where incomes decrease and prices go up. Congrats!

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  1. Oh Dear,
    Salaries are reduced and fares increased! Well, welcome to Greece. So much for trying to be competitive. Couldn’t the fares have stayed the same at least? Will we ever learn? I did hear once that the vast majority of the fares went for the special pensions of the seamen-do not know how true that is. but certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. 1st Of April… And I bet this is no joke?

  3. This might go some way of explaining the why.
    Not that I agree with this 6 percent hike. I think it is shooting into their own foot as even less people will travel. But it is the way a lot of Greek companies and private renters are reacting. And it is all part of the phenomenon called ‘stagflation’.