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The Ultimate German Provocation Against Greeks!

That’s an unprecedented provocation incited against our Greek men. A provocation made in Germany. A Knockout hit below the belt. Literally and metaphorically. An allegation aiming to destroy the last shreds of our debt-ridden men’s self-esteem amid recession, unemployment, income decrease and uncertain future. The Institute for Condom Beratung based in Singen/Germany claims that it had conducted a survey across Europe and found out, that Greek men are just XS-size. 12.18 cm long, 10.19 cm wide.  Top on the EU-Pop are the French with 15.48/13.63 cm.

The survey was conducted from 7. April to 14. November  in 2008 and 10,477 men from 27 EU countries took their measures and sent their results to IfCB online.

We can’t but express our  objection to this findings, question them and even express some political motives behind the results as the time that followed was crucial for the eurozone and the establishment of the German-French Axis.

We even dare say, that the Greek men, stunned about their real measurement results, got scared about an additional emergercy property tax and submitted to the institute the budget deficit numbers instead

French XL size, Greek XS

10, 477 men from 25 European Union member countries are surveyed on behalf of the Institute for Condom Consultancy in accordance with their  length and girth. Result: a man is not the same man in Europe. In comparison, the average French has a 15.48 cm in length and 13.63 cm in circumference. The longest and the thickest. However, the Greeks have 12.18 / 10.19 cm. shorter and thinner.. The Germans are 14.61 cm / 11,80 in the middle, just above the European average amount of 14.27 cm length and a circumference of 11.70 cm.

Is it really a matter of size? Condom adviser Jan Vinzenz Krause said: “We have feet of different size and wear shoes that fit us.” The man’s  size is decisive for the choice of the condom: “In a two-month trial, we observed that in France, significantly larger size condoms are used than in Greece,” said Krause. (Full article in German Here)

 Right next to Greeks are the (also debt-ridden) Irish! Spanish men are not top either, but Portuguese are longer. Another proof that Germany prefers Portugal to other bankrupt eurozone countries…

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  1. Is it possible Greek men thought this was some sort of tax return???? Would French men tell the truth?? Hmmmmm, I wonder????

    • keeptalkinggreece

      tax return? not possible in Greece 🙁 I thought too there was some kind of French exaggeration.

      • Uh, not a tax return, but maybe a hidden effort by the government to introduce a Penis tax? So, of course, many underreported their real size? Probably some even pretended they have no Penis at all.

        Scientific studies say, Greek tax cheats amount to about 30%. So, it’s 12.18 cm * 130% = 15.83cm! Hmm, does this correspond with your empirical observations, ktg?

  2. I always knew the French had an inflated sense of their own importance!