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UPD: Greek Police Beats Journalists & Photo-Reporters (video)

UPDATE: The President of Greek Photo-Reporters Union, Marios Lolos is set to undergo brain surgery due to injury he suffered after beaten by riot police. According to the Photo Union,  Marios Lolos was submitted to the hospital with  “with traumatic brain injury caused by baton (fractured skull-impressed), injury which requires surgical intervention!” The PhotoUnion asks for the support of foreign associations and other bodies.

For second consequent day riot police attacked journalists and photo-reporters covering the protest outside the Greek parliament. Riot police was adamant in not allowing anyone coming close to the Greek Parliament and started to push, kick and punches protesters, even journalists and photo reporters covering the second commemoration day for retired pharmacist Dimitris Christoulas who committed suicide on Wednesday morning.

Video: Tension, Camera Goes Out…

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 Among the injured journalists is Marios Lolos, president of Greek Photo-Reporters Association who was hit on the head by a riot policeman, STAR TV reporter Panagiotis Bousios and journalist Makis Synodinos from Naftemporiki newspaper.

Before the was taken to the hospital, Lolos said that the police were pushing them from the back when he got hit on the head. Further he said that he had a nab feeling at the leg and that he intended to file a complaint.

Late in the evening Greek Police said to launch an internal investigation about the Lolos injury, the violent behaviour and the beaten of members of the press.

Video: Protesters, Riot Police

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 On Wednesday evening, a TV reporter was injured and hospitalized after she got hit by a policeman on the neck.

sources: NewsIt,,,, ProtoThema, Greek Photo-Reporters Union

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  1. Wrong time, wrong place. It happens obviously also to journalists. When it happens to “ordinary” people, there is no colleague to be outraged and writing about it.

  2. Yes, I agree too, that no colleague has yet to appear. But still, I think the police might have dug their graves. It’s the media that covers all the scandels, including theirs… If the government/police make the media their enemy… well, who knows what turn of events might come out. In the meantime, I hope the journalists make a full recovery without any setbacks 🙁

  3. It is really very frightening to see that part of the police is almost targeting the press now. Most photogs are staying in groups these days to make themselves very recognizable. With their big camera’s and often their press cards visible or even wearing PRESS signs, they are very recognizable indeed. For elements of MAT to go after them must, in my opinion, be a deliberate act.
    What is frightening about it? This behavior is often triggered by deep rooted anger against that part of the press and society that does not follow like sheep what the powers that be think is ‘the norm’. An anger that often precedes dictatorships.

  4. Time to create the Journalists International Court of Justice.