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German FinMin: We Are Greece’s Scapegoats

Germans are Greeks’ scapegoats, Greeks are looking for scapegoats for their own mistakes, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told CBS News in an interview that will broadcast on April 8th 2012. Further he said, it might be good if the snap polls were postpone. And trying to calm down Greeks speaking of “contemporary German occupation of Greece”, Schaeuble assured the debt-ridden people “It doesn’t mean we want to dominate anybody”.

Ufff! Good to know….

Wolfgang Schaeuble: We are Greece’s Scapegoat

The ill will many Greeks feel toward Germany for imposing painful financial conditions on the massive loans the country made to them are just a normal response to a difficult situation, says German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. It’s natural for people suffering from their own mistakes to blame others, Schaeuble tells Steve Kroft for a story explaining Europe’s debt crisis – a scenario that could worsen and affect the U.S. economic recovery. Kroft’s report will be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday, April 8 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Of all the members of the European Union, Greece was hit the hardest by the recession because it was half a trillion dollars in debt and has only 11 million people. The EU agreed to bail out Greece, with the largest checks coming from its strongest member, Germany. In return for the loans, Greeks would have to abide by a financial austerity program that included laying off 150,000 public workers, salary reductions of 20 percent, higher taxes and lower government spending. It’s understandable that Greeks were upset with Germany says Schaeuble. “When you have countries or people who have been living beyond their means, and now they have to apply some austerity, they have to make cuts, they have to reform their labor market…people tend to push the blame to others,” Schaeuble says. “They are looking for scapegoats. It’s perfectly normal,” he tells Kroft.

To make matters worse, Greeks still remember the German occupation of their country in World War II and have made protest posters featuring Swastikas that allude to German domination. The posters sometimes have German leaders on them, even Schaeuble. “That’s part of politics,” says the finance minister, who tells Kroft he is just trying to do his job and Germany doesn’t want to dominate anyone. He too, remembers World War II. “It doesn’t mean we want to dominate anybody. Germany tried to do so in the past and it never worked, but it no longer wants to do so today.”

But to Greeks, it’s more than tough medicine when an outside entity suggests interfering with their government. At one point, Schaeuble thought it might be a good idea to postpone elections so a new government wouldn’t vote down the austerity conditions. (Full article Here)

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  1. On my way to my car this morning my high heels clicked loudly on the sidewalk. An elderly lady was limping slowly, with difficulty and was supported by a crutch. She turned her head a couple of times giving me nasty looks. As the distance between us closed I made ready to sprint if the crutch left the ground…
    But no. When I reached her she again turned her head towards me. Her eyes were filled with tears and she said “My child! Your walk reminds me of the germans! They beat me three times and I’m still seeing the doctors! That’s where I’m going now!”
    Surprised and speechless, I’m simply hugged her…

  2. If I see her again, I will ask her who is paying for the doctors’ bills….

  3. “To make matters worse, Greeks still remember the German occupation of their country in World War II”. Trust me, honey, the Greeks are NOT the only ones!!!!!!! And hell will freeze to ice before you will succeed with your plans for the third reich! Some day, hopefully soon, other europeans will wake up and see whats happening and they will make your chair burn!

    • iaourti iaourtaki

      This ugly Black Forest dude is getting on my nerves, which translate his Bla-Blurb with: “You stupid little unthankful Greek kiddies…” by ignoring totally that this whole scapegoat thang is created by himself and his corrupt media (“Greeks are Trojan Virus” Markwart/FOCUS) and never making a difference between the “Greeks”/the “Germans” (minimum half a million are both by the way or at least have passports) and “their” governments.
      The biggest parties in both countries are the none-voters and i guess in it a huge portion don’t have any or not so much national identity. But i know many Greeks are getting that back or something similar because of the galloping German racism:!82524/
      This shit surely works the other way round too for 10 million in slavedealer jobs but most of them are women with kids and they might haven’t that much time for shit like this.
      But in the end responsible for racism are the people not the propaganda.