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Greece’s Political Parties Funding Bill Provokes Voters

 What if every penny a Greek citizen gives the state goes to the country’s lenders and taxes have almost stopped to serve redeeming purposes. What if banks give loans to companies and individuals  only under strictest conditions demanding properties as guaranties. Even for a 10,000-euro company loan. For political parties “there is money”, and thus plenty of it. Greece’s political parties will get 29 million euro in state funding in one payment (and not in two) in order to finance their elections campaigns.

155 members of the coalition government Nea Dimokratia and PASOK voted in favor of the bill and triggered strong reactions at the opposition parties. Three PASOK MPs voted against the bill. Communist KKE voted “present”.

Opposition parties described the additional payment as “a provocation” towards voters who are struggling through  recession, harsh austerity and economic crisis. The Interior Minister who had introduced the amendment claimed that it is not additional payment.

In-debted parties use the state funding as guarantee for bank loans. Together, PASOK and Nea Dimokratia have debts up to 242 million euro. 

The bill passed two days before the Parliament concluded its works due to Easter holidays and early elections.

Greeks: Championship in (enforced) Party Funding

Economic crisis here, recession there, Greeks continue to contribute exorbitant money for the political parties, when compared to citizens from other European countries.

According to official records data published in weekly magazine Epikaira , Greek political parties received the amount of 48.8 million euro in the year 2010. In simple words, every Greek “gave” 4.52 euro.

In comparison the parties state funding per capita in countries with similar economic problems and population numbers was in Portugal  0.80 euro, Belgium 1.57 euro, Hungary 1.84 euro.

In Germany, every resident was charged with 1.61 euro for the strengthening of political parties and in France with 1.17 euro.

The real champion is Luxembourg with 19.3 euro, but there the minimum wage is also 1,900 euro per month, where in Greece is 590 euro- gross.

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  1. People all over this country starving. No money forthcoming
    Once more the governers pocket from the people for their own future, and then go forward with a begging bowl to the Eu

  2. I would not be surprised if people would grab the election leaflets that are now printed with our money and set them on fire. If people would get the flags from all those offices that will no doubt be set up around the country by the political parties with our money and wipe their ***** with it.
    And it will be very interesting which media will get the bulk of the advertisement that will be bought with our money.
    But I am pleased to read that Verhofstad has tabled questions in the EU-parliament on account of the Liberals about this utter chutzpah. Nicest point I read is that he is asking about the fact that the big parties own the banks 250 million euro but have made sure that from this 30 million not one cent can be used to pay off their debts. He is asking if that can be compensated by the time the Greek banks have to be refinanced. Because, in that case EU-citizens will pay the bill for the Greek election campaign. 🙂

    • keeptalkinggreece

      as part of the big EU family, they should finance the elections hehe

      • As part of the big EU family, tax payers should come here, spent the bit of money they still have, enjoy the sun and landscape and, together with the Greek taxpayers, burn those darned leaflets and tear down those party flags.

  3. After reading, I think it was in Ethnos, what the political heads have in the banks here (never mind abroad), they are very well equipped to finance their own campaigns. No need for us to pay for it AT ALL.