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Flying Greek Lambs On Easter

It looks as if lambs have been flying this year in Greece. Not the lambs themselves but the prices they are being sold. Furthermore, the limited supplies due to the crisis seem to have created a …lamb shortage. Greek media report that many consumers will celebrate Easter not with the traditional roasted lamb but with nontraditional chicken or even sausages.

  Greek consumers who went to buy fresh lamb for the Easter lunch saw that the prices had went up several euros in comparison to recent days. And this wenn prices normally go down hours before the butcher shops close and housewives start preparing the Easter meal.

Κατεψυγμένο Νέας Ζηλανδίας

Newsit: Deep Frozen from New Zealand €8.49/kg

On Saturday morning, prices for Greek fresh lambs and kids had almost doubled and were sold at 12-13 euro per kilo, when during the Holy Week their price was at an average of  €7-8/kilo.

As butchers were cautious on supplies due to the economic crisis, the fresh meat was gone within the first days of the Holy Week, and vendors held out deep frozen, for prices similar to the fresh. There are reports of case of 50% “overpriced” imported lamb meat.

State broadcaster NET reported the butchers tried to get new supplies from animal breeder and pay €5/kg, while animal breeders claimed the production cost is €8/kg. The deal failed, butchers went out of lamb and kid meat, consumers went home with chicken, pork, beef and sausages.

Greek price lamb meat problems at the peak of the biggest Greek Orthodox Feast….

Consumers had experienced similar price problems with octopus for the traditional Clean Monday meal. Deep frozen and fresh were sold at the same price of 16 euro.

PS Main thing is we are healthy, with or without lamb 🙂

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  1. Greek fresh lamb was being sold here in Corfu at 6.99 a kilo..local lamb was 8 euros a kilo in the shops I saw it in…all fresh. I think people are having the chicken and sausages because they cannot afford the lamb this matter what the price. Times are hard.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Similar prices like Corfu I hear form Rhodes. Times are indeed hard, however, some vendors believe residents of Athens pick up the money from the streets or they grow euros on their balconies.