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My Fat Greek Big Brother: FinMin to Collect Water, Power Bills Data to Combat… Tax Evasion!

You pay 32 euro every four months for water consumption? This could brand-mark you as tax evader, should your water annual expenditure do not match with your income tax declaration. Greek Finance Ministry extorted all possible and fictional and non-fiction imagination  in order to combat the notorious Greek problem: the Tax Evasion.

It will collect all data of money spent by citizens for water, electricity, mobiles and non-mobile phones, credit cards, loans, social security contributions,  hospitals, stock exchange market.

The Greek big brother will create the electronic profile of each potential tax evader and compare the declared income with the corresponding expenses of each and every Greek who has a tax number, a water and electricity consumption number.

Among other banks will have to send to FinMin “bank accounts balances and movements of accounts, active or not, that were opened or closed.”

Water companies will submit also the water consumption in cubic meters, while power companies will submit data about the electricity consumption in kilowatt-hour. (

Should spending be higher than the declared income additional taxes and heavy fines will be imposed.

The data will be submitted on annual basis. Banks retrospective from 2010, utilities from 2011.

Do not ask me what will happen with this decision should voters send home PASOK and Nea Dimokratia. I have really zero idea.

PS I was thinking to get a card phone anyway lol

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  1. Can someone explain to the politicians that 1984 was written as a warning – not an instruction manual !

  2. These measures are common practises for years in other countries. I don’t like it but have to admit that they work. Someone with a crazy high use of water might have a swimmingpool that he has not declared. It also may be that he as a big fish tank for his Koi. But that will be clear when someone stops by to check.

    I was thinking to get a card phone anyway lol

    won’t save you. I had to go the the WIND shop last(?) year with my ID to register my sim-card. And yes I don’t have a subscription, just pre-paid cards.

  3. These measures are common practises for years in other countries.

    What countries would they be! N. Korea, China, Iran, I know you don’t appear to mind your freedom & privacy being removed but I’d wager the majority do.

    Or perhaps Greek politicans are just putting in place the EUs Data Retention harmonisation policy that will have each country recording everyone’s personal e-mails & landline/mobile telephone phone calls, texts and every other aspect of our private lives, all to be shared with every EU member country and the USA.

    I really do despair when people say they don’t mind, especially as the political elites take the minority view and tell the majority that the public support them.

    I think the best thing that could happen to all EU member countries is the collapse of them all so we can start again, without the EU and every other parasitical organisation that feeds off of ordinary working taxpayers. Politicans here are bleeding us dry in taxes, yet they are borrowing £50 million a DAY to give to the EU, borrowing millions to give to the IMF and billions to give in foreign aid, billions welafre benefits to immigrant, asylum seekers & economic migrants. People here are finally waking up to what is going on.

    IMO the quicker the whole lot collapses the better off we’ll all be, able to start again without parasites leeching off of us all.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Data collection über alles. you may be right it is in the context of EU D R harmonisation and covered with sh** like cubic meters and kilowatt spending. Because, their will is not to mess with real big fat Greek tax dodgers. If they wanted they would do it. Another point is that they will have data on bank assets amounts and Hey! guess what! the next measure would be to tax these amounts too ( although most possible taxed already)