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Far-Right Extremes Harass PASOK Official During Election Campaign

The election campaign in Greece is getting more and more turbulent. After the protests last Thursday while PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos was delivering a speech, two more incidents occurred on Saturday. Members for far-right extremist Chrysi Avgi, started chanting “Thieves” against while former minister Petros Eythimiou was chatting with citizens in Maroussi, north suburb of Athens.


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The footage of the harassment was uploaded by Chrysi Avgi. Unconfirmed reports claim the protesters hurled water at Eythimioon the footage that was Speaking to ANT1 TV, the leader of Chrysi Avgi, N Michaloliakos, commented on the incident “… I fodn’t know if he got wet, but if he did…. it was hot anyway and he got refreshed.”

The harassment was condemned by the political parties.

A few hours later in the same suburb a group of 50 people started to chant insulting slogans short before Minister of Citizens’ protection Michalis Chrysochoidis was to deliver a speech. The group, apparently members of left extremists attempted to open a banner. The group threw leaflets saying “We are together with the immigrants.” Police detained seven people.

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