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Greeks to Pay 25% Increases in Public Transport, Electricity and Water

That’s the country of economic miracles full of paradoxes. While the incomes decrease and wages undergo more and more cuts of 20-30%, prices keep going higher and higher. As if the 40% hikes in heating oil were not enough, prices for public transport and utilities are expected to rise at 25%. Greek media report that public transport tickets will be up, the same will happen with electricity and water consumption.

Tickets for one public transport mean (bus, trolley and tram) will increase from €1.20 to €1.50, while tickets for the metro and combined for all transport means will reach €1.75 -from €1.40 today. Increases of 25% will also affect the fares for trains and Proastiakos.

Electricity bills for households and small enterprises are expected to rise with the arrival of 2013, while water bills will see hikes within 2012.

According to the Greek media, the administrations of the state-run enterprises are on ‘reorganization tour’ as dictated in the second loan agreement between Greece and its lenders: The plans include these 25% hikes, further decreases in wages and operating costs. And getting ready for privatizations.

What’s the elections slogan by the two coalition government partners? “No additional taxes!” (lol)

PS Unfortunately that’s the IMF practice of internal devalue of life, if one cannot devalue the currency.    And if Greeks do not die, they will keep paying all they earn to the country’s lenders…

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