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Debate Sparks as Greek Police Publishes Name & Photo of Russian HIV+ Prostitute

A couple of days ago Greek police arrested during a health control at an Athens brothel, a prostitute who was found to be HIV positive. Yesterday, the police published her name and her picture in order to inform her customers about her disease. The 22-year-old woman from Russia is in custody and is prosecuted for “indented serious physical harm” among other charges. In a statement, the Greek “Centre for Disease Control and Prevention”(KEELPNO) is urging now the prostitute’s customers to undergo an AIDS test. 

“Citizens who had unprotected sexual intercourse at the brothel located in Acharnon & Fokaias 22B streets in Athens in the last 6 months should contact AIDS-Helpline 210-72 22 222 or KEELPNO 210 521 20 54 or turn to hospitals. ”

Strong Reactions

Publishing the woman’s name, date of birth, several pictures and medical records sparked a debatte -at least on internet- as to whether it has been ethical from the side of the police to publish private data. “Greek police violated EU law by publishing the woman’s medical record” say the majority of the critis.

Lawyer Vasilis Sotirakopoulos criticised Greek police and KEELPNO on his website, arguing that the police broke the medical confidentiality and that the state apparently assumed that the woman’s customer did not use condoms.

“The police is equipped with the prosecutor’s order, but after she was arrested, that is she found in the hands of the State which acquired full ability to protect society from this, there is no longer the “claim of the State” and necessitates the disclosure of all her private data. What are “the minor”, the “weak or vulnerable population groups” that are needed to be protected so that the medical confidentiality of the woman is broken?

It is no coincidence that the disclosure is accompanied by encouragement to her customers to be tested for HIV / AIDS, given the data KEELPNO etc. That is, the Greek Republic recognizes as obvious that some customers may have not complied with the minimum conditions of protection [condoms] and it chooses to sacrifice the medical record and private data of the accused, publicly exposing her at the most humiliating way and crushing every sense of human dignity. (Sotirakopoulos)”

Critics -on Twitter- lash out at the Greek police for publishing her woman’s medical record. Some even go so far to claim that if the woman was Greek, her pictures wound not have been published. Others argue that the picture of the brother owner should be published as well as the picture of a retired colonel arrested for possessing ch** p*********** material.

“Name and Shame” for alleged reasons of citizen’s protections or just injustified public exposure and humiliation?   “Protection of private data” vs “Protection of public health”?

 What do you think?

UPDATE: Meanwhile ANT1 reported that more than 600 mainly young men have called KEELPNO sayging that they were customers of the woman and that they used no protection. Three of the men would undergo treatment. ANT1 reported also that the woman had her HIV test that testified his disease in Russia.

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  1. No doubt there are many worried men in that area now….and lots of clueless wives, girlfriends and children who the men have put at risk.

  2. 600 Men called and had used no protection??? What were they playing. Russian Roulette?! Never heard about HIV? Or all thinking that if you stood on your head and slept with a virgin it would go away or something? Not just stupid, but criminally stupid.
    About the woman: think the critics are right. It would have serviced to tell the public that every men who was a client in that specific brothel for the last couple of months and were customers of a Russian prostitute of around xx years old, should get themselves tested. No need to put her name an photo in the public domain.
    If she was still at large, it would have been a different case. But she is in custody. So, there is no justification for this action.
    Wonder if this is part of the ‘homeland’ campaign of some of the main politicians.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      name the brothel would have been the option indeed. (even thought KEELPNO would have thousands of calls – blame the austerity for personnel shortage :p).
      “homeland” policies as Chrysi Avgi is gaining in opinion polls. bTW today they moved the first illegal immigrants to the camps. I ‘ll report about tomorrow.

  3. There’s absolutely no practical justification for publishing the personal details of this particular woman. The public health objectives would have been satisfied simply by stating that one prostitute from this particular brothel had AIDS and by encouraging everyone who has unprotected sex with prostitutes to have a test.

    To do otherwise is clearly political, and an example of the growing authoritarian and aggressive attitude of the state, to add to all the other inflammatory and racist propaganda that characterise the latest attitude to police commmunications.

  4. iaourti iaourtaki

    Paying poor people to have sex with is simply rape. So why not publish the names of these 600 rapists and bring them to trial and jail?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      because the law has not been changes yet.

      • iaourti iaourtaki

        The point is more: Like “for a world without prisons” there should just come up a world without sickened relationships and without prostitution.
        It all deals with consumerism…

  5. Did this girl have the option of refusing sex in the first place?

    And how did she get HIV?

    From a client a pimp, a rape?

    She’s 22, how long has she been prostituted for?

    And by who? Was it of her own free will?

    And finally… the men who went to her without a condom, they are the victims? as gelasw….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      “victims” who allegedly paid extra for condom free sex. as gelasw too lol

  6. ?????????????????????????????? MEN !!!!! Why would you NOT USE A CONDOM??????????????????? DOH!!!! DOES IT FEEL THE SAME NOW GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DUMB ..OVER A THOUSAND OF THEM !!!! HAVE TITS ASS POWER AND HIV !!!!

  7. The problem is, HIV tests dont detect HIV. infact there are many factors that can cause a test to be positive.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thanks for the support links. So far health control authorities have made rapid tests. and before the normal tests they gave thein records to the public. I wonder if they’d get a lawyer tocheck with support groups and NGOs

  8. iaourti iaourtaki

    Thoughts like this lead to murder prostitutes.

  9. It’s terrible what people are capable of.