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HUH! I think, the Troika Didn’t Hear Anything on Upcoming Greek Elections

I am afraid this Troika, the lenders of Greece are always one step behind. Whether it is about the wages in Greece, or false predictions about recession, for example. Now the Troika seems to have not heard anything about the elections of May 6th or the blurred political balances and the possible difficulties to form a coalition government right after the snap polls.

The representative of European Commission Matthias Morse sent a letter to Greek Health and Labour ministers. In a sharp tune, Morse urges Loverdos and Koutroumanis (both PASOK) to inform him about their plans on the unification of insurance funds under the new unmrella organization for the health care (EOPPY). Matthis Morse definitely wants to know what the government by next June and demands to be informed as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the Troika representatives plan to visit Athens between May 16-21 in order to coordinate a number of issues with the Finance Ministry like review of the progress of the 2nd  Memorandum of Understanding, and additional measures worth 11.6 billion euro for the years 2013-2014.

Currently nobody can predict with certainty about the government that will emerge from the parliamentary elections. Does the Troika know more about it?

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  1. Change Change Change

    That is what Dr Obama ordered 4 years ago

    This time Eurolands time for Change

    Read more on Bleprint for Greece

  2. As I understand it, this law was passed this April, without notifying the Troika. The deal is that they are informed about laws that are not in line with the Memorandum.
    So, now they want to know what time frame the government has to withdraw this law and still get those funds into EOPPY by June, like it seems to have been agreed a while ago.
    Don’t think it is strange or weird. In most countries the state keeps on functioning in the run-up to elections. And even after elections. And deals are good until a new government is installed. See how Belgium functioned for almost 2 years without a new government.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, this info came out after I posted it. you think that they are drawing times frames when they know they won’t be ministers anymore? this is Greece…

    • Apart from that, polls seem to indicate that under the influence of Greece’s weird “democratic” election laws (50 extra seats for the biggest party? D’oh.) the new government coalition will be the same as the present one. So, why should the Troika care about the election at all?