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Three People Dead While Trying to Escape FRONTEX Control

Three people found a horrible death and  four were seriously injured after the car they were in got fire while trying to escape a FRONTEX control.  Greek media report that local police for Illegal Immigration Enforcement and members of the European agency for the security of external EU borders FRONTEX had spotted a car transporting illegal immigrants. The officers followed the car and cut its way in an attempt to stop it for inspection.

However the driver of the immigrants car tried to overtake the FRONTEX vehicle, lost control with the effect that the car overturned in a nearby field. The car got immediately fire.

Two immigrants and the driver were burned and died on the spot, while four others were seriously injured.

The tragedy occurred at the Lykofis village near the Evros borders between Greece and Turkey.

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  1. iaourti iaourtaki

    I guess if “migrants” would use weapons to defend themselves against these murders and mercenaries they wouldn’t be called illegal any more, just like Europeans did in Africa, Amerika, New Sealand and Australia.