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Greek Elections Scenario: After May 6th, Again on June 17th?

The countdown started in the final run for the parliamentary elections on May 6th 2012. However given the ideological differences and the numerical difficulties that may block the formation of a stable government, political parties have already begun ton work on scenarios for the next day – or better say: for the next elections.

Already Antonis Samaras, leader of conservative Nea Dimokratia, the party expected to emerge first, according to opinion polls, has implied that he may call repetitive elections, should he get a high percentage, but not high enough to secure him the absolute majority and consequently the formation of one-party government able to get a vote of confidence.

Several Sunday newspapers speak about the scenario of the next elections to be held on June 17th 2012.

Party officials are apparently convinced that Greeks will cast a vote of “anger” and “punishment” or even “relief” on May 6th and that at the next elections they will chose indeed those who want to govern them.

PS these scenarios seem to come from the fronts of the two biggest parties (PASOK and ND), which openly or secretly hope to remain in power. However, should they got together 50%, I already “see” in my magic ball, the other 50% of Greeks ready to abandon the country…

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