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Greek Star Gets Headache from Too Much Thinking

Can you get a headache from too much thinking? Yes, you can! The winner of beauty contest, Miss Star Hellas 2010, Anna Prelevic  confirmed to magazine “Telerama” that she gets a headache from too much thinking.

«I think about so many things that I often get a headache.”

Unfortunately Prelevic did not disclose the things she is intensively thinking about.

I did some google research about “thinking” and “headache” and the most impressive question and answer on this issue was published on Yahoo! – Answers:

Question: This morning I was just reading a lot of articles on different people and psychology and stuff. Then my head was hurting because I was watching this interview on some actors and then I started to think while watching a movie and then I thought maybe I was tired so I did like 50 push ups then I got a bigger headache. So why do I actually have a headache?
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“Headache is the most frequent single complaint of modern times. Most commonly the causes are tension and muscle spasms in the neck, scalp, and jaw. Headache without any other associated symptoms is almost always caused by tension and flu is much more likely. Muscle aches and pain are seldom seen in meningitis. “
KTG-readers may wonder whether blog admin also got a headache from too much thinking today. Here is the answer: “No, no headache, just unable to sit down with the purpose of thinking and posting  about some serious issue, like political parties and polls,  or immigrants and camps…”

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  1. Greek Sympathizer

    Well, with a face like Anna’s how can you really say anything. Some Angels just get a pass. Most of us men will overlook things like intelligence when it comes with a gorgeous face and body.