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Elections Candidate Confused with Beggar and Gets Get ….Alms

A new candidate for a political party went to a local coffee-shop and started to distribute his business-card at the tables where village men were playing cards. The men were deeply focused on the game and didn’t raise an eye to see who is distributing the cards.. When the candidate approached again the tables to start a chat with the men, he was stunned to see some 50-cent coins  topping his political credentials. As it is a common practice in Greece that beggars go from table to table at cafeterias, coffee-shops and restaurants, distribute leaflets in form of business cards while asking for alms, the men apparently thought the aspiring MP was also a beggar.

The incident took place at a village near Kozani, in North-Western Macedonia.

Playing cards is more important than elections chats lol

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  1. I love this story! So true…
    And yes, I WILL be taking my laptop to my local cafebar all Sunday night, to follow KTG live blogging. The bar owner is very interested and he will also have his laptop and we and his customers will be following many sites. We don’t think we get the truth from the TV.
    Tha ta poume!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      tha ta pouyme, for sure! we will start at 6 pm with exit polls to come around 6.30-7

  2. Ha! That made my day. Nice to see that some would-be MPs are being given a lesson in peoples’ priorities.

    Although Sunday’s election s are crucial, I think most people are already suffering from a chronic form of Party Political Blues, as described here:

  3. We had just 1 leaflet of an ND candidate in the postbox and one under the window wiper. And I saw two leaflets of a PASOK guy under some others and I had this strange thought: Why do I get the ND-guy under the wiper of my 11 year old battered Opel Corsa and all those other cars (BMW, Mercedes, big SUV) gets a Socialst under their windscreen wiper???
    I miss those olden days! When you had enough leaflets after a election to start your fireplace a whole winter. Oh boy, was it great when the Greens were distributing eco-friendly leaflets! They were perfect!
    But now… Even the temporary party offices are not rented this year. The only one that is open that I know about is in my brothers street in Astoria New York! And that’s an ND-one. What do those guys want from me???!!! 😀

    • keeptalkinggreece

      from you? nothing. they just do not know you can’t vote here. Leaflets are distributed on a blind manner.

      • That makes sense. Spending that 40 or 50 million they gave themselves for elections is hard work. At least I got one lousy flyer in return.