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“All Rise!” Chrysi Avgi Shocks Greeks As It Demands “Respect” from Journos(video)

Democratic Greeks are shocked. Not only because extreme-right Chrysi Avgi managed to emerge as sixth party with 6.97% and 21 seats in the parliament.  But because of an incident on Sunday night, short before party leader Nikos Michaloliakos was about to address the media, television reporters were asked to leave the hall if Michaloliakos’ speech would not be on live broadcast.

Then things got even worst: a henchman imperatively urged the journalists to rise and “show respect to Michaloliakos”. “This is customary with us” the bully man told the stunned reporters as some of them raised objections. “We are here for a statement…” says a woman reporter. “If you do not want to rise, you may leave the hall” the bully man is heard to say on the video that circulates on Greek mass media and television channels.


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Many journalists demand now the intervention of the journalists’ union ESHEA.

Twenty-one members of Chrysi Avgi are going to occupy 21 seats at the Greek parliament. In the prefecture of Attica alone, the party elected 8 members of the parliament.

The ChrAv MPs are  unknown to Greeks, even to those who voted for the party. ChrAvgi claims its candidates were not invited by the Greek mass media during the elections campaign, journalists claim they were invited but never appeared in talk-shows or accepted invitations to interviews.

Michaloliakos made a successful campaign appealing to the anti-immigrants and anti-Memorandum sentiment of angry Greek voters.

PS Can you imagine Chrysi Avgi demand MPs to rise when Michaloliakos enters the Parliament?

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  1. Weren’t they wearing arms when they went into the council in Athens? And would they be allowed to do so in Parliament?
    There are lessons to be learned from abroad about how to deal with extremists in parliament. Good and bad lessons. The journalist union might be wise to make a short memo for all it’s members and try to get all journalists to tow that line.
    Some lessons are:
    -Not stopping reporting on them. (It makes them slip into the underdog-role they love and are playing now too). But also NOT reporting on every wind they break. However tempting that last thing is for mass media, because it makes them much more important then they really are with just 6.9% of the votes.
    -Scrap the immunity laws for politicians. Keep them, of course for things said in parliament, but that’s it. Then clamp down on important breaches of the law: like wearing arms, intimidating, bodily harm and so on. And don’t just do that with them, but also with thugs from other parties.
    -Never ever let a couple of things happen: standing up / kneeling down or whatever, for their leader; excluding colleagues because of sex or race; having them get physical with any of the journalists.
    -Report short and clear about what they want and do. But don’t fall in their publicity-traps…
    And there are lots more lessons like these.

  2. Thanks for reporting this. By the way the word is ’emerge’, not ‘merge’ 🙂

  3. Fully agree with your “Do’s and Dont’s”. However, the main thing for journalists of all media is to expose the fallacies of their politics and the false reasoning behind them. A simple example, their stance on immigrants. It’s not the immigrants that are the problem, it’s the system that is supposed to deal with them (ie.Dublin 2 etc). And of course to put the politicians who’s non-action on this matter is directly responsible for letting it get to this point…

  4. I am not sure, but my Bazanaki (is this right spelling?) said that he heard that Chuck Norris actually watched the X.A. speech while sitting down. Not sure if true….