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Greek Elections 2012: Political Leaders on Coalition Government Options

First official results show winners and losers of Greek elections 2012. What is clear is that no party winds the absolute majority. conservative Nea Dimocratia hardly gets less than 21%, thus by counted 38% of the votes. Socialist PASOK suffers a historical low and left-wing SYRIZA emerges to second party.

A coalition government is due.

ND-leader Antonis Samaras will be assigned on Monday with the mandate to start exploratory talks for a coalition government. He ruled out to call for repetitive elections and offered to propose a 20-points plan to PASOK .

According to latest preliminary results ND and PASOK can get together 155 seats, that would build a very fragile government.

However PASOK-leader Evangelos Venizelos rejected ND offer stressing that “a bipartisan government of ND/PASOK would be neither nationally legitimate nor internationally trustworthy.” He offered a national unity government instead.

After PASOK rejected the offer, Samaras offers national salvation government with parties of a European orientation.

 SYRIZA-leader Alexis Tsipras offered a coalition government of the left parties even though they won’t get together the majority at the parliament. Then only the winner party gets a 50-seats bonus.

Panos Kammenos -Independent Greeks – said absolute NO to cooperation with ND “Not even dead I would cooperate with ND,” Kammenos said.

KKE Aleka Papariga repeated a big NO to any cooperation with SYRIZA. However this could cost her the post of the party General Secretary as some commrates wouldn’t like to miss the chance to govern.

 Fotis Kouvelis -Democratic Left – stated that the party will continue its struggle for a European orientation and release from the memorandum of Understanding. “We will not give a left alibi to anyone,” Kouvelis said.

Although extreme-right Chrysi Avgi gets more or less 21 seats, no political leader dares to make some cooperation proposals, at least not now, not officially. Nevertheless, party leader Nikos Michaloliakos said “the national resistance will continue inside and outside the parliament.”

Procedure to form a government starts on Monday afternoon, after the final results have been released.

The night will be long and the following day (Monday) even longer…

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