Monday , March 27 2023
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Greece’s Oldest Active Voter is 111 Years Old

The man is apparently the oldest Greek voter. Proud 111 years old. On Sunday, Charalambos Mitsoglou entered the polling centre in Nymfopetra, in Volvi prefecture, and showed his identity card.


Judicial and elections representatives were surprised to read his birthday date, when the man handed out his ID.

Mitsoglou casted his vote without any help. He had climbed the stairs to reach the polling centre alone, anyway….

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  1. Incredible! when you think that it is mathematically possible that when this gentleman was a child, he could have known (very old) people who could have fought in the war of independence!

  2. Mr. Mitsoglou shows to the world that there actually are some Greeks who are over one hundred years old and deserve their pension payments. Not everybody on that payroll is a fraud! And not only this, this surprisingly fit senior proved that he is more patriotic and responsible than many of his younger countrymen, by casting his vote. Kudos to Charalambos Mitsoglou, a citizen Greece can be proud of, and many more healthy years to him!