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Tsipras Reveals Gov’ Conditions: Annul Bailout Measures, Banks Under Public Control…

“The popular verdict clearly renders the bailout deal null” Alexis Tsipras, leader of left-wing SYRIZA, said during a press conference shortly after he received the mandate to form the next government of Greece.

Saying that “3 million voters rejected the austerity-bailout”, Tsipras revealed the his party’s conditions for future government coalitions:

1. Immediate annulment of the austerity measures, especially those concerning wages and pensions cuts

2. Annulment of austerity programme provisions that exterminate workers’ rights.

3. Moratorium for the debt repayment.

4. Immediate changes to election law [50-seats bonus] and annulment of the law protecting ministers from being accountable.

5. Public control of the banks and immediate release of the Blackrock report.

6. Establishment of an international committee to audit the public debt.

7. Cooperation in European level.

“The crisis is not Greek, it is European,” he said.

Tsipras urged Venizelos (PASOK) and Samaras (ND) to send letters to EU saying their bailout commitments are not valid anymore.

PS Communist KKE rejected Tsipras’s offer for a coalition government. On the phone… Tsipras will meet Venizelos at 5 pm/Wedn. Democratic Left accepted his coalition gov’ offer.

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  1. KTG, what is the Blackrock report ? Thanks.

  2. yes indeed, I too would like to know about this Blackrock Report. Is this the same crowd who stress tested the Irish banks?

  3. Do SYRIZA and Tsipras, and more generally the Greek people, want to stay in the Euro and EM?

    If yes, how can the bailout parties possibly accept these kinds of conditions? “Moratorium for the debt repayment”? Isn’t this a precursor of never paying back any debt? Reform is not even a proposal on the table.

    Greece does not have a history to bring any confidence to the table.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      moratorium could also mean extended repayment time, suspention of repayment for a couple of years.

  4. they seem to get all the good jobs. They did the stress tests for the Irish banks sometime ago. How much did they charge you guys for their work? Are they part of Goldman Sachs?

  5. We can do with some of those here in the UK.

  6. Well, no bailout deal, no troika money. And Greece still runs a deficit, even if the debt payments are excluded, so this would make the situation worse. I really hoped that Tsipras would come out with a somewhat reasonable plan, like Hollande. But this dog won’t hunt…