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Who Governs Greece Right Now?

Amid the elections results, the scenarios of forming a government and the pressure by Greece’s lenders we almost forgot to mention an important issue: Who Governs Greece right now?

Officially there is a caretaker government under former PM Lucas Papademos until the new government is formed.

However the hazardous elections results for socialist PASOK resulted to the fact, that a number of cabinet ministers were not re-elected:

Ministers for Development Anna Diamantopoulou, Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos, Labour  Giorgos Koutroumanis, Public Administration Dimitris Reppas, Deputy Finance Pantelis Oikonomou, deputy Defense Giannis Ragousis.

Unconfirmed reports claim that all Papademos government ministers submitted their resignation two days after the elections on Tuesday.

So, more or less nobody governs the country right now, and the legislation power is paralyzed.

Like a ship sailing without captain and sailors, so to say…

Just for the records…

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  1. KTG, please tell me this is a joke, isn’t it? 😕

  2. But why did they render their resignation? Is there a law that they should? Or are these people just walking away and having a good long holiday somewhere nice and far away?
    Are their duties not take over by any of the remaining ministers?!
    I just can not believe this all… It’s unbelievable… But I do believe YOU, so it must be true…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s normal ministers resign when elections tak eplace. in holland too i suppose.

      • No, the prime minister hands in his resignation and that of the ministers when a government falls. But they don’t really resign. They get another mandate to do everything necessary for the country until a new government is formed. Parliament then decides which laws and measures that are planned are considered controversial. And those will be put on ice. Urgent matters are brought into parliament to decide.
        After elections this caretakers roll is still fulfilled by the same ministers. They will work with the new elected parliament until a new government is sworn in. Then they sign over their departments to the new ministers.
        The fallen Dutch government is still governing and able to make any decisions it deems necessary as long as they find a parliamentary majority. With this, the old parliament, or after the elections in September, with the new parliament. There even will be a full budget for next year in September. That is what negotiations between several parties in the Netherlands are currently about.

        The new Government will not be able to totally retract that budget. It just can amend or retract parts of it.

        So there is a continuity. No stopping of tax-collection, for example. The state continues to function and the ministers are still responsible for their ministries and what these are doing or lacking to do.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          “The fallen Dutch government is still governing and able to make any decisions ” of course. there weren’t any elections.

          • No, but even after the september 2012 elections this government will be able to govern and make decissions (together with the new parliament) until the new government is formed and installed.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            september 2012 elections?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      now it’s my Law&Order TV time -#fleeing chaos lol