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Barroso Loses Battle Against Silence

As if it is not enough that Greeks are confronted with the national politicians in non-stop talking from morning till the evening, they will have to hear also the country’s lenders pressure and blackmailing efforts as the latter try to influence the voters’ hands ahead June 17th elections.

Barroso Struggling with Healing Silence

President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso re-chewed the known candy that Greeks have no other choice than austerity.

 The president of the European Commission said on Wednesday that it was up to the Greek people to make a decision on their country’s future at upcoming elections and that they needed to be fully informed of the consequences.

“On the country’s future… it is important that the Greek people now take a decision fully informed about the consequences of their decision,” Jose Manuel Barroso told a news conference. (REUTERS)

If the EU keeps on putting in front of Greekssthe deliemma “Euro or Drachma” I am afraid at the end Greeks will vote for “Dignity”….

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One comment

  1. The time has passed for Barroso, Van Rompouy and the rest to issue their mix of threats and warnings.
    Anything they say now of that sort will only be counter productive.
    The Greek people know the stakes they should know enough by now to be able to work out what the consequences of any decision they will take.