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German FinMin: European Commission Should be EU-Government. HA!

I could have never imagined, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble had a sense of humour. Reality proves me wrong. Apparently he has. Then it must be a joke when he proposes that the European Commission develops into an EU government! And this when a growing number of Europeans criticize in deepest frustration the path the EU and similar institutions have taken under conservative politicians, neo-liberal policies and EU bureaucrats living in ivory towers and pink bubbles made of EU taxpayers money.

“The European Union needs to become more integrated with a common finance policy and a central government, German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Wednesday (16 May).

“I would be for the further development of the European Commission into a government. I am for the election of a European president, he said at an event in Aachen, reports Reuters.

“I am in favour of being more courageous on Europe,” said Schaeuble, who is one of the German government’s most pro-European ministers.

He said this is a longterm response to the current eurozone crisis, which many have said has been exacerbated by the fact that the EU lacked the tools – such as a central transfer system – to effectively deal with it.

“We certainly won’t manage it in this legislative period,” said Schauble referring to the creation of a finance ministry but noted that for a currency union, a part of finance policy needs to be harmonised.” (further reading Eurobserver)

Of course, this bad joke would turn into a real life nightmare, should Schaeuble become head of Eurogroup…

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  1. Sounds like a reasonable idea !

  2. Than corruption will be easier and no problem with democracy.It is the best solution for corporation and privat banks- not for people.

    • Stefania, Italy

      Sad to say, given the point we find ourselves today, I completely agree with you, KTG .
      But if we forget for a while about the current frame – so putting ourselves in an ideal situation – if we believe in a truly ‘united Europe’ a kind of central government would be the only way to proceed, imho.
      As a simple everyday citizen I considered such a goal for granted from the beginning, regardless how much time would have it took .
      It is clear that I was wrong.