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Troika Won’t Meet Greek Interim Gov’ – It’ll Wait Until New Government Formed

The representatives of  Greece’s lenders from the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, the so-called “Troika” will not visit Athens and meet the Greek interim government. Instead, they will wait until a new government has been formed after the June-17 elections, IMF spokesman David Hawley said in Washington.

“We are waiting with great interest to start contacts with the (future) government as soon as it will be formed …after the elections that are expected to take place on June 17th,” Hawley said. However he said, he could not give the exact day of next Troika visit to Athens.

Greece is under a strict Troika imposed austerity programme. IMF/EU/ECB representatives frequently visit Athens and meet with Greek officials to perform progress checks.

To tell you the truth, Greeks do indeed need a break from austerity measures. Even it is only one month… whiich is nothing in front of eternity.

PS Guess there are elections in June and no government is being formed again 🙂 As Samaras (ND) had said before the May elections: “If we won’t get majority, we have elections again.”

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  1. The Greeks is a lucky people.
    If you continue voting Tsipras and his fellows against the rescue package, left or right, you will not see the Troika again. Ever.
    Not any contributions from EU, either.
    Good luck !

  2. No contribution, no higher and higher debt.