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EP Pres. Martin Schulz Teaches Greeks The Horror!

“Euro exit could be the beginning of a horror,” the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz warned the stunned Greeks during an event in Athens and continued in a real morbid mood:”I ask those who think now that a horror end is better than an endless horror to think that exit from the euro zone will be the beginning of horror for the Greek people. firsth of all those will be affected who are already being affect”.

At the same tone, he stressed that “the road within euro zone is tough but outside the euro zone even tougher.” 

In his diplomacy-free delirium of terrorizing Greeks, EP president underlined that “If Greece won’t stick to those agreed, the June bailout tranche won’t be given and then there will be no money for the functioning of offices, schools and other public services, Greece won’t be able to borrow money from banks and other nations”

Promising rescue boats full of growth measures, Captain Schulz ordered the Greek passengers of the Euro-Titanic “Do not abandon the ship now!”

He mentioned, that he came to “Greece to show solidarity” and added that he fully understood the anger and fear of the citizens. “I saw pensioners without money to pay the electricity bill, I saw businessmen who cannot get bank loan, mothers who cannot feed their children,” Schulz told the Greeks that he saw homeless in the streets of Athens who were not there last time he visited the city.

[While some Greeks run out of the room to pick up from the streets the pieces of the Memorandum of Understanding] Schulz continued from his ivory tower and with no sign of self-criticism “Austerity and reforms are necessary, the measures are essential to make debt sustainable, the agreements must be kept” and that “if one side makes the MoU invalid, the other side will do it too.”

“That would be disastrous,” Martin Schulz revealed.

 I can not continue translating Schulz’ speech. I am really … horrified. Need a huge bowl of chocolate ice-scream and a blanket to hide under.

 Ps He met President Papoulias, four political leaders, pensioners, entrepreneurs, students.

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  1. “a horror end is better than an endless horror”
    Hmm, actually, I did write this recently in a comment about Greece’s options. Was that here or at another blog? I’m somewhat surprised that Schulz makes the effort to answer my point, though.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      German Klassic: “Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende” Theodor Fontane – Effi Briest; German Classic Culture cannot apply in Greece though, if you know what I mean
      BTW: maybe my translation was bad because I was in a hurry

      • Wow! Impressive. You must be very hard to beat at Trivial Pursuit, kt!
        Honestly, I didn’t remember that the popular phrase is actually a quote from “Effi Briest”. Thx for the info!

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I was indeed very good in German Trivial Pursuit :))) bTW this sentance was very popular among students, gruenen, anti-everything in German Unis