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Survey: 88% of Greeks say YES to Euro. But to what €uro?

What do Greeks really think about the country remaining in the Euro and at what consequences? A public opinion survey conducted by Pulse RC for weekly To Pontiki reveals that the waste majority is pro Euro, however with a quality differentiation: 54% support the Euro but they draw also a red line to what extend austerity – see “sacrifices” – can go.

54% say “stay in Euro with sacrifices up to a certain extend, otherwise back to drachma”

34% say “Euro at any cost”

7% say “return to Drachma now”

5% say “Don’t know/Don’t answer”

Voters from left-wing SYRIZA, Independent Greeks and ‘other parties’ say YES to euro up to certain extend. While majority of conservative Nea Dimocratia and socialist PASOK support the euro at any case.

Definitey pro Euro: 57% of ND voters, 16% SYRIZA voters, 68% PASOK voters, 16% Indep Greeks voters, other parties 25%

Pro Euro to certain extend: 38% ND voters, 73% SYRIZA voters, 29% PASOK voters, 68% Indep.Greeks,  other parties 57%.

To the question as who is more capable to re-negotiate the Memorandum of Understanding (loan agreement): 21% say Tsipras (SYRIZA), 19% Samaras (ND), 18% Venizelos (PASOK) and 13% Nobody. Interesting enough “Tsipras” say 5% of ND-voters, 3% PASOK-voters, 19% Indep.Greeks-voters, 17% other parties-voters and 62% SYRIZA-voters.

In the voting intention, respondents said:

24.5% SYRIZA, 21.5% ND, 15.5% PASOK, 8% Indep Greeks, 6% KKE, 6% Chrysi Avgi, 6% Democratic Left – the rest of the parties would not pass the 3% threshold.

The suvery was conducted May 15-16/2012, among 1,206 adults across the country via Random Digital Dialing.

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