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Surveys: Ups and Downs for Greek Parties Ahead June Elections

While public opinion polls right after the elections showed left-wing SYRIZA to emerge first in the ‘voting intention’, things seem to have changed during the last three days. One reason are confused statements by SYRIZA officials about the economic programme of the party. Another reason is the artificial polarization created mainly by conservative Nea Dimocratia, that scares to (economic) death helpless voters, threatening that June elections dilemma is “Either Euro or Drachma”.

Here are two public opinion surveys that show that Greece’s political parties move with the speed of an elevator going up and down.

Poll by MARC for ALPHA TV: 15-17 May/2012 – 1,027 households. In brackets are the rates of poll conducted May 9/2012 by same company

“Voting intention at Repeat Elections”

ND 26.1 % (20.3%)   123 seats

SYRIZA 23.7% (27.7%)  66 seats

PASOK 14.9% (12.6%)  41 seats

INDEP GREEKS 8.9% 10.2%) 23 seats

KKE 5.8% (7%)  16 seats

DEMOCRATIC LEFT 6.3% (4.9%) 18 seats

CHRYSI AVGI 4.8% (5.7%)  13 seats

rest parties: below 3% threshold

The other poll we published earlier today HERE.

However polls of these days can be corrected once the parties definitely decide on elections cooperation and once they start seriously revealing their economic programmes and their clear position about the Bailout Agreement as well as how they will proceed with the issue. Oh,  and stop dazing future voters with populist attacks against each other.

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  1. CHRYSI AVGI still in parliament, and with 13 seats? I can’t believe it…