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Venizelos (PASOK) Wants Revision of the Loan Agreement (MoU)

Leader of socialist PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos, tabled a proposal with six points concerning the revision of the loan agreement between Greece and its lenders. During his meeting with acting prime minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos on Monday, Venizelos claimed that Greece can achieve the revision of MoU, even though leading EU officials dismiss such option.

In particularly Venizelos proposed:

– No further cuts in people’s income, especially in wages and pensions

– To protect the institution of collective bargaining agreements

– To radically increase the levels of liquidity

– To immediate release of public and private investment in infrastructure projects

– To implement the political commitments of the European Council concerning the development aid package to Greece

– To support with European funding programs for youth, community service, etc.

Venizelos raised the issue of allocation of 25 billion euro to banks to support the real economy, and asked other parties to take a stand on the issue (especially political parties that react in the loan contract).

The leader of PASOK stressed that in view of the June 17 polls everybody should consider what is the basic dilemma and challenge of the elections, that is whether Greece would unilaterally terminate the loan agreement leading the country outside the euro under miserable conditions or to claim in an organised way and achieve the revision of the loan agreements terms. (source:

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