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Tsipras and SYRIZA Eye 50-Seats Bonus as “Single Party”

The much desirable 50-seats Bonus could be granted also to SYRIZA at the June-17 elections, as the party applied to be registered as a single Athens Supreme Court party and no more as a coalition. On Tuesday, “Radical Left Coalition” (SYRIZA) submitted an application Greek Supreme Court in Athens to be registered as a single party.

According to its founding declaration, the new party is called “SYRIZA Unionist Social Front” , will have the same emblem and will be managed by a committee of 19 members. Chairman of the party will remain Alexis Tsipras.

In a parliament of 300 seats, the 50-seats bonus is being awarded to the political party that comes first at general elections. In fact the voters decide who will occupy the rest of 250 seats…

Right after May-6 elections SYRIZA said to change the elections law and cancel the 50-seat bonus.

A legislation change would need 200 votes so that the change could apply at the next elections. With less than 200 votes and a simple majority the change would apply after one legislation period. 

However as no government was formed and the parliament opened for just two days, no legislation was possible.

With the 5-seats bonus, should  SYRIZA and Alexis Tripras come first at June-17 elections, they will have enough power to push for a renegotiation of the bailout programme (MoU).

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  1. Would Syriza have to change its statutes for the court to approve this? How does the electoral law define party in the +50 sense?

    This seems like a very crucial issue: if the court finds any legislative flaws in syrizas registration , that might alone cause a new stalemate after 17 june.