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Greek FinMin Denies EZ Agreed On Contingency Plans for Greek Euro Exit

 Greek Finance Ministry categorically denied on Wednesday evening the Reuters’ report  according to which during a Euro Working Group teleconference on Monday, it was agreed that each euro zone member should prepare a contingency plan for the possibility Greece would exit the euro area.

Greek Fin Min press Release

“The Ministry of Finance categorically denies the reports stating that during the teleconference of the Euro Working Group on May 21st2012, it was agreed that each eurozone country should prepare contingency plans for the potential consequences of a departure  of the Hellenic Republic from the single currency area.

Such reports not only are false, but actually hinder the efforts of the Hellenic Republic to address its challenges at this critical juncture.”

Ps My fellow Greeks and I are really fed up with this euro exit issue…

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  1. All this exit/no exit, money/no money, good cop/bad cop acting and shouting is one of the purest signs of panic I have ever seen. The EU mandarins and their bankster friends are terrified that Greece will not vote “correctly”, and then it’s game over. For them. Whichever way Greece votes, it will be a though road ahead for Greece. But Greece does at least have a chance of choosing it’s own destiny. If it takes it, it paves the way for Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland to do the same. Whether they do or not, is their choice. But at least it will give them a choice. I can only hope that the Greek people will hold their nerve and call the EU bluff on June 17th. It’s high time somebody does…

  2. What I would like to know is can any of the other countries in the eurozone make Greece exit anything ?. I think not it is up to the Greek people to choose their destiny and not some hothead spouting misinformation. Today I was ashamed to be British after listening to my so called leader of our ruling government stating that Greece should leave the euro. Considering the Conservatives never wanted to be in the euro in the first place then what right has he to make such comments. Do what is right for Greece and go with what the people say not what the rest of the eurozone wants. That is the bottom line and my hopes for a better future for the nation that brought us democracy are of a rediscovery of the nation’s pride.

  3. As a portuguese who loves Greece (and will return there in September) I think this whole affair around Greece is disgusting.