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Greek Elections – Opinion Poll: SYRIZA & Tsipras First with 30%

It looks as if the threats of Merkel & Co and the fierce anti-Tsipras campaign by Greek politicians backfires. In the latest public opinion poll conducted by Public Issue, SYRIZA secures the first place in votes intention with 30%, almost doubling its rates of 16.78% at the May-6 elections.

Conservative Nea Dimocratia comes second with 26%, while socialist PASOK remains third showing very slight recovery.






KKE 5%


“Danke, Ange!” as Germans would say…

Source: iefimerida 

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  1. What would this mean in terms of seats in the parliament?

  2. Is SYRIZA already one party or will the 50 seats bonus go to the ND in this constellation? Because that would give ND and PASOK the majority to rule again…

    • Stefania, Italy

      So in case the first party is not eligible for the 50 seats, the bonus itself is still valid and goes to the second party? This is the rule?

      • keeptalkinggreece

        the first party gets the bonus.

        • LOL, that’s a very diplomatic answer. But if Carol is right SYRIZA won’t get the bonus until the court accepts it’s ‘union-papers’. Has that already been done and is there a way that might not be ‘allowed’?

  3. Danke schoen Barroso und Merkel

  4. Just had a laugh: “Samaras has proved to be a political pygmy.”
    Hehehe, so true. And I found that in eKathimerini!

    But since that party still has a strong stand in the polls, this shows that many Greek voters are political Goblins. Both Syriza and Pasok, despite all their flaws, are more reasonable choices than the conservative weather vain party.

    • I agree with you, Gray. But why does One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest springs to mind? Tsipras as Randle McMurphy, Venizelos as Charlie Cheswick. And Samaras? Maybe Dale Harding?
      Oh and Frau Merkel as Nurse Mildred Ratched of course!!! 😆

      • keeptalkinggreece

        Markel als Nurse trying to give the Greek patient the bitter medicine. LOOOL

      • Hehehe, good one, Antonis! 😀
        Even though I fear those actors would ruin the great movie.

  5. Syriza has recently put papers to the courts to become a real single party instead of a ‘group of parties’.
    If Syriza’s papers are agreed by the court and they become a proper single ‘party’, and if they get the most votes, then Syriza would get the extra 50 votes that the Greek constitution gives to the party with the most votes.
    The Greek political system is very difficult for non-Greeks to understand.
    Also, for native Greek speakers, it must seem strange that we English speakers use the word ‘party’ to mean a political union, as well as meaning a social occasion when friends get together to have fun! We keep the two ideas separately in our minds…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      party = one word, two ideas? Here is exactly the opposite. We have ‘party’ for social occasion, and ‘komma’ for political union, but in our minds we unite the two words in our mind as ‘fun having party’ when it comes to politics…

  6. National polls conducted approximately four weeks before the June 17 elections are really unreliable. As it was proven in the last elections, a large percentage of Greek voters made their minds up within the last 5 days before the May 6 elections or inside the voting booth. Syriza accused the party of New Democracy for gaining the bonus of the 50 seats in the May 6 elections unfairly and demanded the election law to be changed to simple from enhanced proportionality. But sensing that they might win the June 17 elections, they submitted a petition to the Greek Supreme Court, Arios Pagos, to change their political movement from a union of many parties to a single party. HYPOCRISY AT ITS FINEST.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      how could they change the elections law when the parliament was only 24h open?

      • Let me add that the policy of Syriza demonstrates, HYPOCRISY, VOTER MANIPULATION AND POPULISM AT ITS FINEST. Furthermore, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the Public Issue poll doesn’t measure the intend to vote for one party or for another, but assesses the electoral influence of Greek political parties.

  7. “correct me if I am wrong”
    A matter of semantics. If I read this right, the poll is a poll on “voter intention”. But even if it is a poll on influence on the people by the different parties, it stands to reason that if SYRIZA has that influence on 30% of the population, then 30% of the population will vote for SYRIZA…
    As for the 50 seat rule, it makes perfect sense for SYRIZA to apply for the one party status. Firstly, from all the polls and trends, it is obvious that they are going to win, if not run away with this election. That would be as a result of the democratic decision of the Greek people. Why then let that democratic decision by derailed by a totally undemocratic, establishment serving rule that is nothing short of official vote rigging? Why just give them to those who have ruined this country? In order to stop that from happening, they do indeed need to claim these 50 seats themselves, and for that, they must, by law, be a single party.
    Secondly, in order to abolish this rule, and correct me if I’m wrong here, they would need a 2/3 (200 seats) vote in parliament in favour of that proposal. That means they either wipe the electorial field clean of all their opponents (desirable but unlikely), or they use the 50 seat rule against itself,claim them so that they then can indeed abolish the rule. Nothing devious or hypocritic about it, just pure and simple common sense.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      + elections law + arithemtics. BTW they need 200 votes to make the change apply at the next elections and majority for application at over next elections.

    • The difference is that a person might be influenced electorally by ND, but it doesn’t necessary mean he/she will vote for ND. That person might decide not to vote at all, to decide 4 days before the election, to decide inside the voting booth,or change his/her mind and to cast a white vote. On the other hand polls measuring voter intend specifically ask voters which party they prefer, if they will cast a white vote or if they’re simply undecided.

      • What a person might or might not do can simply not be measured in a poll or any other way. The only criterium to be measured is at the same time the only variable, making measurement impossible in any shape or form. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics…
        The coming election is not about what people may or may not do, it is not a “referendum on the Euro (or the EU for that matter)”, it is an internal matter for the Greek people to decide on a government. An internal matter, by the way, that is being seriously violated by many foreign politicians and financial “experts” in an attempt to get the Greek people to vote “correctly”. And that, if nothing else, should make some serious alarm bells go off in people’s mind.
        The real question here for the Greek people to answer with their vote is this :” Do we want a government that will make us part of the infection or do we want a government that will fight the disease?” And the answer to that will decide who gets the vote.

        • “What a person might or might not do can simply not be measured in a poll or any other way.”
          That’s not the point. Polls are about what the population, represented by a random (or pseudo-random) groupm of people, would do. And they’re actually quite good at that, the overwhelming majority of them is within very few percent of the real result. So, in the case at point, the race between ND and Syriza apparently is too close to call, but it’s very likely that Pasok won’t make it to the top. That’s certainly not an earth-shaking information for us, but still helpful for the politicians who can now adjust their lies accordingly…