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Italian PM Monti Meets Samaras, to Meet Venizelos “Soon”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti broke the …diplomatic protocoll and made joined statements with ND Antonis Samaras, while they had a meeting in Brussels. The it is not common that a government leader makes common statements together with a simple party leader.

Monti said that the common European will is Greece remains in the euro.

Samaras (18.85% at the elections) said that the will of Greece is to continue to work in fullfilling the made commitments.

Italian media report that alsoVenizelos asked for an appointment with Monti. “It can take place soon in Rome, perhaps in the next few days” La Politica Italian underlined.

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  1. The intimidation and bullying will not stop, it will only intensify. These individuals remind me of a bunch of hyenas circling around a wounded animal, getting ready for the kill. The real sad thing is that amongst the hyenas are Greeks, willing to sacrify their own country and people for the salvation of an oppressive, corrupt, bankrupt system. Hopefully the people of Greece will take their chance and rewrite European history once again.

  2. The intimidation and bullying will not stop

    Tsipras: We will declare the Memorandum non and void and if we pull out of the euro the whole eurozone will be distroyed…
    Guess all sides are very good in intimidation and bullying.
    And when ever did the Greek people rewrite European history? The only time I can think of was when the ancient Athenians rewrote the history of Sparta so Athens looked like the cradle of democracy and equality. Which it wasn’t. 😉

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they don’t say such a thing. they say “politically invalid” which is not the same with practically invalid.

      • Tsipras underlined that he has no intention of renegotiating the EU-IMF memorandum but intends to reject it. “The dilemma at these elections is catastrophic austerity or the prospect of hope by canceling the memorandum,” he told reporters. “The memorandum cannot be negotiated because hell cannot be negotiated.”

        “reject it”, “canceling the memorandum” and “The memorandum cannot be negotiated because hell cannot be negotiated.” That’s not declaring the Memorandum non and void???

  3. “Guess all sides are very good in intimidation and bullying.”
    There is a VERY big difference between somebody stating the consequence of a certain forced action and an orchestrated assault from “interested” parties with the clear intention of trying to influence the result of a sovereign election and use scaremongering tactics, carrots, red herings, and anything else you’ll have yourself to get the people of Greece to vote “correctly”. The constant assault on Greece with verbal diarrhea eminating from Brussels and Berlin is indeed blatant intimidation and bullying. The panic is such that they can’t even agree on a uniform intimidation/bullying tactic and “spokespersons” keep contradicting each other.
    As for re-writing history, there’s more to history than politics, thank God. What about rewriting the whole European mindset through science, philosophy, mathematics etc? Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, that lot? The current situation will not be solved through politics and creative accounting on a large scale. Today’s Europe is defunct in all its aspects and needs a complete new thinking behind it, based on social cohension and understanding rather than political croniism and financial prostitution by the few to the detriment of the many.
    One of Greece’s most recent chapters in helping re-write history was recalled recently by the now deceased Richard Dimbleby, anchorman for the long running BBC program “Panorama”. When recalling the dark days of WW2, Dimbleby recalled that the only good news in those days came from the mountains of Greece. If it wasn’t for the news coming from Greece, showing that we could fight this, I think Europe would have given up….

    • First: There is only a big difference if you call what one side says “verbal diarrhea” and what the other side says “stating the consequence”.
      There is an equal case to make for the opposite.

      Second: Humor and irony where two of the greatest things the old Greeks brought to the world too. Alas, that was lost completely to an awful lot of present-day Greeks and other Europeans.

  4. The big difference lies not in the vocabulary used, but in the intention of the words spoken. One side is looking for a legitimate mandate from the people of Greece to at least try and undo the enormous damage done to Greek society by the imposed, ineffective and socially devastating policies of austerity. The other side is using every trick in the book, including threats, lies, mis-information and whatever else they can dream of to create enough fear, which will hopefully result in a “correct” vote. I have experienced these tactics twice in my other “home” country, and see and hear the results of it on a daily basis. And make no mistake, these self appointed leaders will sink as low as they have to to protect their “interests”, and they will impose whatever policy they need, with complete disregards of its effect on the people of Greece, soon those of Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and who ever else is deamed necessary to preserve a self serving, shameless, oppressive, corrupt and bankcrupt system that favours the few over the many, at any cost and by any method.
    What we are looking at here is an invasion, not in the sense of physical occupation (not yet anyway), but of the psyche of a people. The golden rule of any occupier is that in order to fully conquer a people, you must destroy their psyche, and thus their identity. Accomplish that and you have won your war instead of just the battle. And that is exactly what is happening today in Greece. What is happening here is downright Orwellian, although I doubt if even G. Orwell would have been able to dream this up. And make no mistake, these people will stop at nothing to protect their postion of power, absolutely nothing…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Had Orwell even a vague idea, he would have calle dhis book “2012”…

    • Ephilant – Our plight is home made. And almost everything you said here can, and for a part, should be turned around. I read it as a perfect discription of the nomenklatura here in Greece in at least the last 35 years. It is this powerful undemoctratic ruling class of Greeks that have brought their countrymen to their knees, by pillaging and plundering everything the majority here held and holds sacret and dear.
      It was and is they who are “using every trick in the book, including threats, lies, mis-information and whatever else they can dream of to create enough fear, which will hopefully result in a “correct” vote.” They have done that now for so long that they don’t know anything else.
      Yes, there now is extreme pressure on Greece. And mostly not directed at those who should feel it: the ruling class here. But directed at that part of the Greek people, and all who are living and working here, who already suffered the most. But this pressure may be exercised because there is no worked out plan, whatsoever, from the opposition nor the ruling parties. So now even former champions in singronized swimming can dance circles around every one of those kleftes. That’s the real ‘occupation’. Leading a country with only nitwits at the helm to a certain shipwreck. And people like you are the ones who play in the band that keeps on playing while we all go under.

      • AntonisX, I do agree with the fact that Greece, or rather the Greek people have for a long time been used and abused by their own elite, which has indeed helped bring the country to where it is now, looking over the edge. And they possibly have themselves to thank for most of that, just like the Irish do. No dispute there.
        But, the ruling EU elite has seen and used this for their own means, and not just in Greece. As already stated, I’ve seen and experienced the working of both local and EU elitist abuse of a people in my “other” home, and Ireland is just as bad off as Greece.
        So, instead of being part of the band that keeps playing while the titanic inevitably sinks, what I say is don’t play the tune, do not trust those who brought you here with the task of taking you back. They can’t, and won’t. The Irish tried, and ended up replacing one set of puppets with another, and are now paying a very heavy price, just like the Greeks are. So if a voice shouts “enough”, and can make a good case for your support to help them make “enough” become reality, why not? The alternative is more of the same. Surely that is not what Greece and the Greek people want, or deserve?
        At this stage however, this is not just a Greek or Irish or Spanish problem. This is an EU problem and must be solved at EU levels. It cannot be solved by simply pushing one “bad country” after the other over the edge.
        The whole attitude displayed by Monti, Hollande, Merkel, Van Rompuy, their comments and the comments of their puppets are designed for one thing, and one thing only, to create confusion and most of all FEAR. Fear is their last, ultimate weapon. Their own big fear is that Greece will indeed vote “wrong”, which will force the EU elite to either pick up the pieces of their policies themselves, at huge cost and almost certainly complete loss of the ill gained profits they have made over the last few years, or, force them to sit down and listen instead of barking orders, negotiate instead of dictate.
        Despite being told otherwise, Greece should realise the power in owing money is much stronger that the power of being owed money. Use it to solve both Greece’s and Europe’s problems.