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Open Letter Against Neo-Nazi Party: “We Are All Greek Jews”

 The neo-Nazi party Chrysi Avgi Golden Dawn entered the Greek parliament this month. With its swastika-inspired emblem, Hitlerian salute, reference to Mein Kampf, antisemitic and racist ideology, Holocaust denial, violence against migrants, threats against journalists and personality cult, the party is the lineal heir of the German national-socialist party that led Europe and the world into chaos and bloodshed.

Unfortunately, Greece is not the only country threatened by this revival of Nazi ideology. With reference to the rise of Nazi ideology rise in other European countries, an open letter signed by several perosnalities calls on Europe to reject such dangerous phenomena.

In this ongoing economic and social crisis, which favours a frenzied search for scapegoats and strengthens the fear of the decline of the “old continent”, this strategy has been revealed to be worryingly efficient. It has also enabled extreme right parties to support – or even to become members of – governing coalitions, normalising racist and antisemitic speech along the way. This new extreme right has also paved the way for parties which, just like Golden Dawn, can now legitimately win votes while openly promoting hate speech.

Faced with this terrifying situation – exemplified by the election of neo-Nazis deputies in the Greek parliament – we are asserting our solidarity: we are all Greek Jews.

We refuse to accept that on our continent, Jewish, immigrant, Muslim, Roma or black people might fear for their lives because of who they are. We invite all citizens, political parties, unions, civil society, intellectuals and artists to fight the extreme right by promoting and bringing to life the European dream. We must always remember that this dream was built on the ruins of Nazism. We must never forget about the Shoah. Our dream is of a continent free from racism and antisemitism. It is the project of a society based on “togetherness” – beyond boundaries.

To see this dream embodied again, it is urgent to put an end to two dogmas. First, we must refute the dogma of austerity which is responsible for terrible damage, creating the conditions that explain the success of populist parties, and limits the future of our European youth, sacrificed on the altar of perpetual austerity.

Second, we must refute the dogma of “the European fortress”, which favours the spread of anti-immigrant speeches and the lockdown of Europe’s frontiers, especially when a core element of European postwar identity – its social welfare system – requires the economic input of immigration to remain sustainable.

It is of the utmost importance for European institutions to renew their pursuit for democracy, social progress and the promotion of equality. Those citizens who, particularly in times of crisis, are the target of racial and social violence, must be protected. As Europe is undergoing a sustained assault against its core principles, we strongly believe that we must work toward a stronger Europe, right here and now. If we are not able to give life to the European dream, we are condemned to the same nightmare, in Greece and in the rest of Europe.

This statement has been signed by:

Benjamin Abtan, President of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement – EGAM
Dario Fo, Literature Nobel Prize
Jovan Dijvak, General, defender of besieged Sarajevo
Svetlana Gannushkina, Memorial (Russia)
Anthony Giddens, Sociologist
Amos Gitaï, Director
Béate and Serge Klarsfeld, Presidents of the Association of the Sons and Daughters of Jews Deported from France
Bernard Kouchner, Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Philosopher, writer
Adam Michnik, Historian, essayist, journalist, former member of Solidarnosc
Amélie Nothomb, Writer
Dominique Sopo, President of SOS Racisme
Oliviero Toscani, Photographer
Elie Wiesel, Peace Nobel Prize, writer
A.B. Yehoshua, Writer, essayist

• The text can be signed online at Via The Guardian

Full Open Letter also in Haaretz

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  1. This open letter smells exactly like a plot to con the people on the ugly truth concerning nazism, i.e. “Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian” –

    Why not outlaw the KKE and other communist parties, then ??

    Quote: “… we must refute the dogma of ‘the European fortress’, which favours the spread of anti-immigrant speeches and the lockdown of Europe’s frontiers, especially when a core element of European postwar identity – its social welfare system – requires the economic input of immigration to remain sustainable”

    This is pure and genuine nonsens, or worse: cultural marxism.

    In my country – Denmark – there has been published a lot of statistical research on the economic consequences of immigration. All of them – ALL – shows huge negative impact on our welfare system.

    • To me there is a fundamental distinction between the two.
      In a racist state like Nazi-Germany (and like Ch.A. is dreaming of) people are prosecuted or treated different for their race and race alone. Looking different than what is supposed to be the norm for citizens of such a country will lead to deportation and eventually death.
      In an totalitarian state you can be prosecuted for all kind of things, but race does not have to be one of them. Prosecution is not necessary. That’s the prerogative of a racist state.
      A Socialist state can be very repressive and under Stalin and Pol Pot, to name just two, we have seen millions of deaths. But a Socialist state does not have at his base this murderous aim. Nazism has.
      Nazi Germany was indeed a state that had more in common with a socialist state than a capitalist state. But that is totally irrelevant in the light of its inherent racism.
      If a state commits crimes it commits crimes. No matter what system it is supposed to be.
      And what has “consequences of immigration” and supposed negative impacts on your welfare system to do with Nazism vs. Socialism??? Nothing.

  2. And so say all of us +100

  3. Svend Andersen

    To me there is no fundamental distinction between the two.

    There might be differences, like between different sects of communism/socialism, but you’ll find racism in different hues and shades in all of them.

    I don’t see any positive in fighting the shadows of the past with just some other totalitarian ideologies, like the contemporary socialist /communist /multiculturalist /globalist ideologies (which do have a lot in common, all originating in the Frankfurt School and cultural marxism) – the racism in these ideologies may be more covert, and they often take the disguise as anti-nationalism; thus they are playing their part in fulfilling the imperialistic dream of the EU-technocrats.

    Ed West has written a very thoughtful article on the “open letter” in The Telegraph: Europe’s post-Nazi stress disorder has brought it to ruin –

    “No political or cultural entity can exist without boundaries; indeed there cannot be any “togetherness” without boundaries in the first place. […] Neither can you build an “identity” on a social welfare system; quite the opposite. A welfare system relies on a strong sense of national community, something that its earliest proponents, such as William Beveridge, all pointed out. (And I have no idea where they get the idea that welfare requires the economic input of immigrants; the “replacement” theory of immigration has been blown apart by every body that has ever researched it, and minority communities in every western European country overall receive more welfare than natives.)”

    In my opinion, and from my personal experience through three decades, the drain on the welfare system is the lesser of those evils caused by mass-immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.

    • You sidestep my main point: Nazism is in it’s core an ideology to separate people on one thing only and that is race. And this ideology lead to millions being slaughtered because they were not Arian. Socialism never had that at it’s core.
      I am not talking about “hues and shades”. I did not talk about fascism, communism, mao-ism or any other ‘ism’. I am talking about cold blooded mass murder of homosexuals, Roma, Jews and so on all stemming from Nazism.
      And about “those evils caused by mass-immigration from the Middle East and North Africa”:
      Yes, we still feel the effects of that mass-immigration from Anatolia in the 1920’s… There still are beautiful songs about it and half the kitchen here is from ‘there’. And look where that mass-immigration brought us 100 years later… Ridiculous analogy? Yes, and so is talking about immigrants in terms like “evils”.