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Debts, Unemployment: Greek Hangs Himself in Public Park

Another name is being added to the long list of Greeks crushed by the economic crisis, the nightmare of debts, unemployment and lack of income sources. Alexandros, a 60-year-old man, hanged himself on Wednesday morning at a public park, just a couple of meters away from his home in Nikaia suburb of Athens.

Police found a hand-written note in his pocket. There Alexandros had explained the reasons for his desperate act.

“I committed a big crime, to go self-employed at the age of 40, and be drawn by debts. Now the mal… of 61 years old must pay, I hope my grandchildren will not be born in Greece that will soon be composed of no Greeks… Unless there was a politician with b… of Thatcher type for us and the state so we would comply. Alexandros 29/5/12”

Neighboors said they saw him on Tuesday sitting on a park bench. Nobody had thought he had reached such a level of desperation, they said.

This morning Alexandros got dressed with his work clothes, took his bag with tools and left apparently for some work contract.

Alexandros was an electrician, had a shop in the past, but closed it down. He had tried to work as electrician at a ship. It looks as if he had lost his job.

Alexandros suicide occurs one day after a 42-year-old man jumped from the 5th of a hospital in Chania, Crete. The man had lost his job a couple of days before.

Another man, 61,  in Pyrgos, Crete, had put an end to his life by swallowing pesticide, four days earlier.

… and another man… and another man… desperate Greek men, small rings in a growing chain of people who cannot cope with the economic crisis…

More on suicides in Greece due to economic crisis here


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  1. And again: lost for words…
    And again: to everybody that reads this and is in dispair? Please, PLEASE call a helpline!

    Suicide Helpline in Greece phone number are 1018 and 801 801 9999. The e-mail is [email protected].

    The Helpline operates 24/7 toll free. Under conditions of anonymity.

    (might be a good idea to include these lines under all post of this kind, like you did before, KTG?)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I do forget it indeed. I also wonder if it would help as the people are Greek

      • Your readers are sometimes Greek aren’t they. But I think it shows desperate people that there are people willing to listen and it might just inspire them to do a Google search for a helpline in their area.

  2. Sad. Very sad. How did we come so far? Why could Greeks fight in WWII and be so strong (if the Cretans had more and better guns they would even have beaten the Germans) and now, in this “economical war”, the only way out is committing suicide? Is that a solution???
    Does nobody of their family recognizes the signs of a person being so desperate that he wants to take his own life? Or did they stop talking to eachother?
    My thoughts are with the ones left behind.

  3. The glorification of suicides, and the labelling of suicide victims as martyrs in much of the mainstream media of Greece is a disservice to these people who need help. It gives an air of nobility to this wasteful act. It is surprising that the mental health professionals of Greece have not been more vocal about this issue.