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Michaloliakos (Chrysi Avgi): “Germans are Sausage-Eaters Without Ideals”

Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) expressed his views on several important issues like the Germans, the SYRIZA or the motives of the Greek voters.

Speaking to private Contra-Channel TV, Michaloliakos said that the Germans are an enslaved folk, that has totally bowed to the consuming way of life. a folk of sausage-eaters without ideals.”

Michaloliakos described SYRIZA as the “circus of Marxism.”

“The majority of Greeks does not know what they believe in. “In the past they maybe knew. They voted for a work place, for a favour.”

Michaloliakos rejected any future cooperation with other political parties but stressed that he would give an one-day ‘tolerance vote’ to the government that would denounce the Memorandum of Understanding.

PS Why I am writing this post? In order to avoid writing about the real chaos we live in nowadays: Chronic-ills are deprived of medicine as they cannot pay for it because the pharmacists do not give on insurance fund credit anymore. The crime is at its peak with culprits torturing seniors for a couple of euros. People who withdraw large amounts of money from the banks to save them in case of a euro exit, see them grabbed by thieves. Debts collecting companies terrorize people even for debts of 70 euros. Employees struggle to come along with salary payments. Citizens sit in the dark due to unpaid electricity bills.

Asn from early in the morning until late in the evening, we get bombared with mass attacks of  euro exit bombs… 

The chaos is already here, it won’t come after the June elections.

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  1. Well, better no ideals than the total(itarian)ly wrong ideals! We learned from experience. Maybe we’re overdoing it, but that’s our own problem and Greeks really have their own mess to worry about.

    Btw, sausages are yummy. Don’t trust anybody who is anti-sausage!

  2. Indeed Gray, I likes me some good bratwurst.

  3. Where is the surprise? Nazism (the German equivalent to fsscism) rose in Germany due to the extreme poverty caused by brutal debt reducing measures imposed on the German people by Heinrich Brüning, the Hunger Chancellor. The Germans are well aware of that. So they should not be surprised to see a rise in fascism again. History teaches a lot of hard lessons. As a matter of fact, Fascism is rising everywhere in Europe. Have a look at France. Or the Netherlands. Or Finland. Or…or…

    These are trying times…

  4. I hate to say it, but there’s some truth in Michaloliakos’ words. We Germans are indeed enslaved – while most of us don’t even realize it. Aren’t we all enslaved under Global Capitalism? I think we are, but I have great hope and faith in the people of Greece. I think the Germans will be the last to wake up and understand what’s going on in the world – partly because we are still living in a bubble of economic success and partly because of the massive media propaganda.

    But the people of Greece are the first to experience the disaster that is already coming to other European nations ( – Spain, Italy, France is also in danger – ) and given their history (the successful fight against the Nazi occupation, the resistance against the military junta), I believe and hope that the Greeks will find a way to survive, to prosper and to build a new society and develop a new economic system. Maybe you’ll be the first to leave capitalism behind and succeed with it. That would be a signal of hope for all the world.

    • There is nothing true about anything Michaloliakos or the likes of him say. The one single common denominator between all forms of fascism is their ability to be convincing in their lies and to hide the non-existing back bone of their doctrines, usually by creating a scape goat (Jews, Roma, Immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, Greeks, Turks,….) As convincing as it is hollow, just a lot easier to swollow for a lot of people. Goebbels was THE master. Today it’s called marketing…
      As for Greece leaving capitalism behind, don’t hold your breath. Not because of Greece, but because of capitalism. The whole driving force of capitalism is “The God of More”. More production, more profit, more consumption, (more poverty, more corruption, more war,…) Capitalism can only survive when it is allowed to expand. And if it isn’t allowed to expand, it will force that expansion. First through sanctions (austerity!), if need be through war. And it doesn’t matter if the drive for expansion is aimed at a small country like ie. Cuba, or a large area like ie. the former USSR. The ferocity with which capitalism and its driving forces will enforce their need to expand is unlimited.
      The likes of Michaloliakos and company are just another unwelcome expression of that ferocity. As was Hitler and the Nazi’s in their day. Who were the main supporters of Hitler and the Nazi’s? Industrialism, in fact, most of the same industrialists driving present day Germany. They may be wearing a different mask, but it’s the same guys. Then it was called Nazism, today it’s called neo-liberalism. Same leopard, different spots…

    • The reasonable reponse to hypercapitalism is a return to the successful social market economy of the past, NOT anarchy! We would be total fools to follow the Greek example. They totally screwed up their nations. Do you want the same for us, Andre? Come on.

      • Since when is a people’s insistance on being treated like a normal, decent human beings “anarchy”?