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“EU Plans to Close Borders to Greece, Should Euro-Chaos Prevail”, Claims Austrian Newspaper

 “Chaos” in Greece, Euro-storm in the brains of certain journalists and EU officials who keep spreading terror-lustful scenarios. “EU is planning to close the borders of Greece, should there be chaos  in the country” is the title of Austrian daily Der Standard claiming that the big fear of Europeans is mass exodus of one million immigrants to EU and illegal money transfer. Or something like that… Then to tell you the truth I didn’t quite understood the logic: are Europeans afraid of a mass exodus of Greeks, of immigrants or of euro bank notes? 

“If Greece gets into a state of emergency due to euro-crisis, EU border controls could be introduced again. The Council in Brussels and the EU member states are already planning for such emergencies” claims the newspaper allegedly citing high officials at the EU.

“There is already a discussion in the Council about how to close the borders in the event of a state of emergency”, which was confirmed on Tuesday by the STANDARD though EC sources. “All states are preparing for that possibility.”

Details are not mentioned. On one hand, there is fear that should chaos prevail in Greece, large amount of money will be illegally transferred, the crime in the country would increase. On the other hand, Greece is currently the focus of migration within the EU, as the route runs through Turkey and the Mediterranean.

More than a million immigrants live in the eleven-million-inhabitant country. The number of illegal immigrants is high. The EU – through its border agency Frontex – enormously increased pressure on Athens to secure the borders better.

 In the north, the  border with Turkey was developed almost like a fortress.

“Very tricky thing”

Emergency/Contingency plans were a “very delicate thing,” says an expert in Brussels. Given the fundamental importance of the internal market and open borders [Schengen, EU norm] such steps probably would be considered twice. Formally closing the borders through the Schengen countries would be no big deal – in sharp contrast to the also discussed withdrawal of Greece from the euro zone, the EU treaties and therefore not provided legally and technically would be highly uncertain. But in the Schengen Agreement, a clear procedure exists.

First it should  be clear what level of threat is used.  In the event of a threat for the public order and safety for themselves, “neighbouring countries” would seal their borders immediately and for the first 30 days in order to introduce physical checks again. This can be extended for another month. Then would probably decide the EU Council of Ministers on how to proceed.

There is no immediate threat for Austria. Controls for travellers from Greece will be introduced at the Austrian airports.

It looks as if Austrian has no roads, and nobody can reach the country via vehicle or lorry …

How worst can these scenarios can get? Oh they can. I’ll post later…

PS “Rumors” that after the borders closure, Greeks and immigrants will be sprayed on 24/7 basis cannot be confirmed. Neither those that after the extermination of Greeks and immigrants, recycling according to EU norms will take place….



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  1. The European commission can also send the army to Greece to stabilize the country.

    • Only if the Russians aren’t already there, reacting on an urgent call by prime minister Tsipras…