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Greek Public Opinion Poll: ND 22.5% – SYRIZA 22% – PASOK 11.2% …

This is one of the last public opinion polls as they are banned two weeks before the June 17 elections. The poll conducted by Metron Analysis for Ant1 TV  shows a very slight lead for Nea Dimocratia but still a very strong polarisation between pro-bailout conservative ND and anti-bailout left-wing SYRIZA. The polls was broadcast at ANT1 prime time news on Friday evening.

Voting Intention

ND 22.5%


PASOK 11.2%



KKE 4.4%



In the voting estimation: ND 27.1% – SYR 26.4% – PAS 13.4% – INDGREEKS 6.9% – KKE 5.2 – CHRAVGI 4.7% – DEMLEFT 8% – DRASI/CREATAGAIN 3.6%

Parliament seats estimation: ND 121 – SYR 69 – PAS 35 – INDGREEKS 18 – KKE 14 – CHRAVGI 12 – DEMLEFT 21 – DRASI/CREATAGAIN 10

  The poll was conducted before SYRIZA revealed its economic programme on Friday noon.

SYRIZA increased its rates at the May 6 elections and the following public opinion polls by ‘picking’ many PASOK voters.

Taking in to consideration that SYRIZA-leader Alexis Tsipras revealed that it would freeze the privatization of public companies like telephone, electricity, railways, water etc I see an increasing of its rates, while PASOK would soon have to seek a new leader  – if you know what I mean :).

If you do not know… many employees at state-run enterprises are/were PASOK voters who got their jobs due to political affiliations. powerful trade unions, like GENOP-DEH (PPC electricity) are also affiliated to PASOK.

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  1. Why don’t you publish the results for political party “Recreation Again / Dimiourgia ksana” for the above poll which is 3,6%?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      ops! I didn’t see it. sorry. I checked again: it was listed …after the parties that get less than 3% !

    • This is a party that is an alternative to the 2 big ones, with an excellent platform. Yet for some reason Greeks would rather vote for someone who offers just sweet talk to the voters without any substance. If it involves austerity, we Greeks will have nothing to do with it! That’s why we keep voting for the same types of idiots that offer the same types of promises every time, more jobs, higher pay, less taxes, less work! Then we blame them for breaking those promise instead of ourselves when the sh** hits the fan!

  2. Clean slate. Tabula rasa. New Spring.
    O Tsipras is leading us to a future. With: Nothing.

  3. Tss. I have no clue why people seem to think it would make any sense at all to vote for ND. ND was really lucky to lose the 2009 elections. Otherwise they would be down to around 10% now and not Pasok.